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Women and generation Xers, the smartest on Facebook


Javier de Vega



Professor InGenius
Professor InGenius

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  • InGenius will work out who are the brightest minds on Facebook through the fields of memory, perception, maths and logic

  • InGenius enters the top 20 fastest growing games on Facebook

Madrid, June 24th 2010 - Women and Generation "Xers" (31-50 year olds) are the cleverest users of social networks, according to data obtained by InGenius (http://apps.facebook.com/ingenius), the new game for Facebook that analyzes memory, perception, maths and logic.

The users that have obtained the highest scores from the tens of thousands of active users are women and the group aged between 31 and 50. The game is fast becoming one of the most highly addictive out there and is already in the Top 20 fastest growing games on Facebook. 

Through InGenius, users will have the opportunity to share their results with their friends as they discover who possesses the brightest mind. In charge of discovering the true level of each user will be Professor InGenius, examining their skills in memory, perception, maths and logic tests with 16 fun and challenging tests in order to ascertain which one of the 21 inventive skills they're strongest at. InGenius is a great way of seeing who stands out above the rest of their friends.

InGenius, the new game developed by Zed Group, offers a fun and unique way to compete against your friends to prove who has the best InGenius level and to share it on Facebook. With the launch of InGenius comes news that further highlights Zed's recent successes. Yesterday, Zed Group received a Meffy award in the category of Cross-Platform Development for the 360 digital entertainment work done around the film Planet 51. This award defines the group's aims and reinforces its multiplatform vision. Meffys are the industry's official benchmark for measuring success and rewarding innovation on the mobile entertainment & media industry landscape.

About us: The Zed Group is a large organization of privately-held interlocking European companies at the forefront of mobile phone and Internet entertainment, film animation and video game production. Our vision is leading and pioneering world-class digital entertainment without platform boundaries.

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