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webitpr launches proveit – online cuttings free from copyright infringement



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Core Facts

• webitpr has today announced the launch of proveit, a new service that provides PR executives with PDF cuttings alongside analysis and details of the online coverage achieved through using the company’s realwire distribution service.


• This new initiative marks a significant step for copyright compliance in connection with online media content which may be overlooked by PR professionals who collect and archive press cuttings for clients and corporate departments without permission from online publications.


• Each cutting produced by webitpr and delivered to clients has received pre-approval free of charge by the copyright owners to be used as part of the proveit service. PR executives who use the service can then share internally and archive the cuttings without breaking any copyright laws.


• The service is based on free of charge permission from the online publications and the benefit is passed on to the client without any additional cost.


• The initiative is ongoing and the company has received responses from over 1000 online media publications so far with 810 (81 percent) granting permission and 233 (22 percent) denying it. Publications that are governed by the Newspaper Licensing Agency or those that are based on a subscription model were not contacted, but are classified as such and copies of the articles are not provided.


• Newspaper industries around the world often have governing bodies that protect newspaper copyright collection and provide a license to those that need them. However, the online media industry is much more dynamic than its offline counterparts with no one regulatory body to enforce protection of online content.


• Geographically, the company received a granted permission rate of 84 percent from online publications in the UK and Europe, 69 percent from North America and 78 percent for the rest of the world.


• On an industry basis, websites and blogs that cover gaming were the most lenient with 87 percent granting permission. This was followed by consumer at 86 percent; Electronics and Engineering at 82 percent; IT and telecoms at 81 percent individually and Bio/Health/Pharma at 56 percent. 


• The PDFs are generated exactly how they look on the publication’s website or blog and include the advertising shown on the webpage at that given time. A copyright watermark is visible along with a nota bene on each pdf generated to remind clients of the basis on which the permission has been granted. 


• The copyright permission does not allow clients the right to use the cutting for any other purpose including in sales material on their own websites. Should clients wish to use the PDFs for any other purpose, webitpr will direct them to the website or blog owner to agree commercial terms. 


Quotes attributed to webitpr Chief Executive, Adam Parker:

“Copyright infringement is a serious issue and one that we don’t want our clients or indeed ourselves to face. That’s why we’ve spent a lot of time approaching online editors and bloggers on a one to one basis to seek permission to use the coverage our clients have generated through using our service on their respective sites and blogs.


"These publications aren't charging us to repurpose their content hence why we aren't charging the users of our service any additional cost to use it.


“Obviously some publications cannot or will not allow us to use their sites within proveit so we see part of our role to educate clients that such publications would find it unacceptable to use their content in this way.”



Quotes attributed to webitpr Managing Director, Jonathan Dolby:

“The response we’ve received so far has been very positive with many website owners, editors and bloggers thanking us for taking the time to ask for permission in the first place.


“It’s no surprise that PR professionals are increasingly looking to gain online coverage as the medium continues to grow in both reach and readership. The same rules still apply to online as they do to off, however, and we may well see an increase of copyright infringement cases as time goes by.”


Boilerplate Statements

About webitpr
webitpr has specialised in online news distribution since its inception in 2000 and works on behalf of PR agency and corporate clients throughout the UK and Europe. The company is UK based and distributes news to its large database containing thousands of online media which cover a range of industries including telecoms, IT, Consumer Tech, Gaming, Broadcast, Pharma/Healthcare and Banking and Finance.


It provides a unique service by not only distributing news and multimedia content but by providing clients with the online editorial and blog coverage their news has generated. webitpr was the first UK distribution company to introduce the Social Media News Release – a new kind of press release to cater for the social media world.



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