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Twitter key to UK political journalists’ coverage of US presidential election says Lissted data


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Top 100 Political Journalists
Top 100 Political Journalists

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RealWire has used its Twitter-based media relations platform, Lissted, to analyse media chatter about the US presidential election. The analysis looked at references to Obama and Romney in UK media tweets over a twenty-four hour period* during and after voting.

The data shows that of over 25,000 tweets by UK political/current affairs journalists and bloggers during the period, approximately 1 in 6 mentioned the presidential candidates.

RealWire also looked at which UK political journalists and bloggers tweeted the most about the presidential candidates during this time.

Among the top ten were six members of Lissted’s recently published list of the Top 100 UK Political Journalists and Bloggers on Twitter (Dan Hodges, Paul Waugh, Mark Ferguson, Andrew Neil, Jonathan Freedland and Tim Gatt) with Dan Hodges, commentator for the Telegraph, New Statesman and Total Politics leading the way with 79 related tweets.

Position Name Role/Outlet Mentions
1 Dan Hodges Commentator, Telegraph; New Statesman; Total Politics 79
2 Johnny Paige Video Journalist, The Guardian 75
3 Paul Waugh Editor, Politics Home 71
4 Patrick McPartlin Journalist, Scotsman Online 67
5 Mark Ferguson Editor, Labour List 60
6 Andrew Neil Presenter, BBC 58
7 David Ottewell Head of Politics, Manchester Evening News 55
8 Jonathan Freedland Columnist, The Guardian 54
Joint 9th Tim Gatt Digital Output Editor, ITV News 52
Joint 9th Amol Rajan Deputy Editor, Independent Online 52

The importance of media commentary on Twitter was highlighted today by John Rentoul, chief political commentator for The Independent on Sunday (and another Top 100 list member). Writing in The Independent, he concluded that “the election was fought on television, but the commentary was fought on Twitter.”

RealWire Chief Executive Adam Parker, who gathered and analysed the data, believes that the results confirm the value of Twitter in media relations and public affairs; "The amount of conversation on Twitter about the US election from UK political journalists is just more evidence of what many already accept: that news breaks first on Twitter, and that it has become an essential source of commentary from authoritative journalists.” 

*Data sample

  • Period: 12:00pm GMT November 6th and 12:00pm GMT November 7th

  • 2,063 UK** Political/current affairs journalists and bloggers on Lissted

  • 1,506 of these journalists/bloggers tweeted at least once during the 24-hour period

  • 25,411: Total tweets by these 1,506 people during the period

**N.B. Journalists are classified ‘UK’ if they write for a UK-based media outlet, regardless of their personal location 

About Lissted
Lissted is a ground-breaking web application that seeks to modernise media relations by making it easy for PR, marketing and media professionals to find, listen to and engage with the media on Twitter.

Based on a growing database of over 17,000 journalists, media professionals and outlets on Twitter, Lissted dynamically streams and indexes up to 250,000 tweets per day, monitoring conversations in real-time for subject, content and even any links that are shared. Every profile has been individually curated by the RealWire team, researching each individual’s interests, geography, outlet and role.

About RealWire
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The UK’s leading innovator in press release distribution, RealWire introduced the Social Media News Release in 2007, PR targeting system PRFilter in 2010, and the Twitter-based media relations platform Lissted in 2012.


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