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The British Army Launches Start Thinking Soldier: Mission 2

The British Army has launched the second instalment of its groundbreaking online initiative ‘Start Thinking Soldier’. Start Thinking Soldier centres on a series of challenges or ‘missions’ that enable participants to test and develop the kind of skills that are used by Soldiers in the Army within an online environment. The online challenges encourage participants to think strategically, learn from their actions and plan accordingly. Participants are also given feedback along the way, as well as a full debrief to give valuable insight into their strengths and weaknesses.

Building on the ‘teamwork’ challenge of the first mission, Mission 2 focuses on testing decision making and leadership skills plus the ability to stay calm under pressure - essential parts of Army life. Among other challenges, users are tasked to navigate the best way across a 3D rough terrain by driving a simulated armoured vehicle as well as suppress enemy fire in an urban environment. The mission features high quality transitions between film and interactive content within a rich and realistic 3D environment - well above the standard Flash experience.

Start Thinking Soldier: Mission 2 launches with the second in a series of TV commercials that will roll out consecutively over the coming months - each commercial unlocking a corresponding online mission.  Each commercial brings to life key areas of Army expertise including teamwork, decision making, leadership and fitness & mental sharpness.  At the end of each film, the viewer is presented with a decision making dilemma and is asked to decide “What would you do?” from a choice of three options. 

The TV commercial that begins the second mission features an Army convoy of vehicles which has stopped due to an abandoned car on the roadside, which could be a potential bomb.  Each commercial concludes with a voice-over stating:  'It's your mission. It's online. Start Thinking Soldier.'

As well as taking the online challenges, participants will also now be able to have the opportunity to compete against their peers and get recognised on the website’s leaderboard. Since the first mission launched at the beginning of April 09, the site has achieved 446,646 visitors and 43,624 registrations. In addition to the online challenges themselves, users are able to find out more about careers in the Army via the online chat room, calling the helpline or finding their local careers office. Participants will also be invited to Start Thinking Soldier events across the country this summer where they can meet soldiers and try out their skills for real.

Whoever you think you want to be, whatever you think want to do, search Start Thinking Soldier now to test your own Army Skills online and find out more about the real you.

The British Army offers a choice of 140 trade groups and 1,000 different job types,
from pilots to chefs, mechanics to musicians.

*The Start Thinking Soldier online challenges were developed by Publicis Modem and Skive.

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