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Tekken mobile now available

Core Facts

  • The Mishima Zaibatsu Corporation invites you to the King of Iron Fist Tournament.
  • Tekken Mobile is first time Namco has brought the game to mobile users in Europe, Australia / NZ and Latin America.
  • Choose to battle as one of eight classic characters from the original series and one bonus fighter, to defeat the evil Kazuya. Then face off against the powerful Jin to save him from the devil inside, or lose him to the darkness forever.
  • Face enemies through four different game modes.
  • Fight using one of three different control settings to assign a different level of complexity to buttons and your moves, depending on how brave you are, and unlock hidden bonus content.
  • Master attack and defence moves and build devastating 10 hit combos to floor your opponent.
  • Challenge your “friends” directly with the two player Bluetooth versus mode, and see how your high-score ranks against the world’s best warriors.
  • Tekken Mobile is now available from most mobile networks and content channels, distributed by EA Mobile. Simply search for “Tekken” in your network operator’s game store, or buy and download the game directly from www.namcomobile.com
  • Try Tekken Mobile on Namco Arcade on Facebook before taking it with you on the move.
  • High-res images and embeddable demo video of Tekken Mobile are attached to this release.


Barry O’Neill, President of Namco Bandai Networks Europe
“Tekken Mobile brings one of the all-time great fighting games to the mobile phone for the first time in Europe. It has fantastic replay value which will keep gamers entertained time and again, with a faithfully reproduced combo system, progressive difficulty and unlockable content adding to the long term value of the game. The Bluetooth versus mode means you can battle your friends directly and adds a whole new challenge to gamers.”

“We’ve worked hard to recreate the core Tekken game experience and I’m really happy to see such a strong end result. It’s always difficult to take on the challenge of recreating such a complex game on mobile, and we’re delighted with what we’ve achieved. It’s very important that we’re able to give customers that value for money and we’ve enhanced that by giving people the chance to ‘try before you buy’ with Namco Arcade on Facebook.”

Boilerplate Statements

About Namco Bandai Networks Europe
Namco Bandai Networks Europe is a leading publisher of wireless games and content for mobile, offering a wide selection of titles to consumers which includes all-time classic games such as PAC-MAN, Galaga and Galaxian, as well as contemporary titles such as Ridge Racer, Time Crisis, and the best-selling Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima series. Namco Bandai Networks Europe provides mobile phone content to all major carriers in Europe.