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Start Thinking Soldier Mission 3 Puts Female Soldier in the Spotlight

The next instalment from the British Army’s Start Thinking Soldier campaign has launched, with a new mission that aims to especially resonate with a female audience.  Depicting a humanitarian aid scenario, this latest mission commences with soldiers delivering aid.  The situation escalates, with a dangerous crush beginning to take place.  Viewers are asked to search Start Thinking Soldier…and make a decision do you; reason with the crowd, break it up, or stop giving out aid.

Once online, users are invited to try out a series of challenges focusing on disaster management situations similar to those faced by soldiers in the Army.   These challenges will bring out, and test planning and leadership qualities.  An earthquake strikes in the first challenge and users are tasked to deploy troops, emergency services and engineers across various key points in the area.  In the second challenge users guide a number of rescue boats with the aid of an overhead helicopter to rescue stranded civilians.  The third sees the user planning the allocation of engineers, troops and medical support to enable the safe passage of a re-supply convoy.

Start Thinking Soldier enables the public to test their soldier skills through virtual interaction and engagement in a series of challenges.

Lieutenant Colonel Eilean Cunningham of the Army’s Recruiting Group National Headquarters comments:

“Start Thinking Soldier Mission 3 is an exciting development in the campaign.   It puts a female soldier in the spotlight, and takes a look at humanitarian scenarios that the Army face.   The challenges are a real test of planning skills, and we encourage anyone who may not have yet to go online, search Start Thinking Soldier, and test their potential Army skills.”

The online challenges encourage participants to think strategically, learn from their actions and plan accordingly. Participants are also given feedback along the way, as well as a full debrief to give valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses. It is part of a five month campaign which sees a range of missions rollout, driving users back to the website to engage and hone their skills.  In addition to the challenges which mirror the Army’s key areas of expertise and are based around teamwork, decision making, leadership and fitness, the campaign includes training modules where users can compete against their peers and get recognised on the site’s leaderboard. 

Since the first mission launched at the beginning of April, the site has achieved 840,528 visits and 61,655 registrations.  Whoever you think you want to be, whatever you think want to do, search Start Thinking Soldier now to test your own Army Skills online and find out more about the real you.

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