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Social Media News Releases achieve double the editorial coverage says RealWire study


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RealWire SMNR Analysis Results Table
RealWire SMNR Analysis Results Table

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Realwire recently analysed the coverage achieved by both traditional press releases and Social Media News Releases (SMNRs). The analysis found that overall SMNRs achieved a fifth more coverage than traditional releases.  However in the most influential areas - editorial and blog coverage – SMNRs achieved twice and four times the amount respectively.

The Social Media News Release is a new kind of press release designed to cater for the online media world. The concept was originally suggested by Todd Defren of SHIFT Communications in 2006 and RealWire was the first UK distribution company to offer the format as an option in the summer of 2007.

The analysis looked at 997 of the releases that RealWire distributed between 1 December 2008 and 31 May 2009. Of these, 71 releases were Social Media News Releases and the coverage results were taken from RealWire’s Proveit™ release evaluation service.

“The results suggest a big tick in the box for SMNRs” commented chief executive Adam Parker, “but a simple regression analysis on the data suggests that a release just being an SMNR as opposed to a traditional release, only explains a small proportion of the variation in the performance.”

“I would suggest that the most likely reason is that the additional investment needed to produce a SMNR means that clients are more likely to use them for their most interesting stories. It is this investment in quality that then pays dividends with the features of the SMNR allowing the user to enhance that storytelling and so produce the improved results.”

“To me,” concludes Adam, “It’s about - Less stories, more creatively told, to the right people.”

Results of Analysis

 Social Media News Release Traditional Press Release Difference 
Average Coverage per release 43.1 35.7 21%
Average Editorial Coverage per release 10.2 4.9108%
Average Blog Coverage per release 4.8 1.1336%
Pickup rate i.e. one piece of editorial/blog coverage 90.0% 82.0%10%
Releases achieving 4 or more pieces of editorial/blog coverage 62.0% 41.0%51%

Note: Total coverage includes coverage that is the republishing of the release in its entirety either by selective or non selective publishers.


RealWire has been offering the Social Media News Release (SMNR) option to clients for nearly two years. In that time it has hosted and distributed over 200 SMNRs on behalf of a varied group of organisations including: 3i, Adobe, British Army, Cisco, Comic Relief, Cross Country Trains, Diageo, Durex, First Direct, Ford, HSBC, ITV, Macmillan Cancer Support, Nescafe, NSPCC, Peugeot, Sage, Skoda, Sony Ericsson, Symantec, Talk Talk, Toshiba, Twestival, Vauxhall and Volkswagen.

RealWire's video about the Social Media Release (from its webitpr days) has had over 12,000 views and more recently its video about the Online Media has had over 9,000 views.


RealWire (formerly webitpr) has specialised in online news distribution since its inception in 2000 and works on behalf of PR agency and corporate clients throughout the UK and Europe. The company is UK based and distributes news to its large database containing thousands of online media which cover a range of industries including Telecoms, IT, Consumer Tech, Gaming, Broadcast, Pharma/Healthcare and Banking and Finance.

It provides a unique service by not only distributing news and multimedia content but by providing clients with analysis of the resulting influence that their news has generated online. RealWire was the first UK distribution company to introduce the Social Media News Release - a new kind of press release to cater for the online media world.


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