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PAC-MAN Championship Edition™ powers onto mobile

PAC-MAN™ for adrenalin junkies makes a perfect transition from console to mobile

Echoing the same quality and gameplay on mobile as you expect from a console, PAC-MAN™, who turns 30 next year, is back in the palm of your hand in his latest and most exciting evolution to date.

PAC-MAN Championship Edition™ from Namco Bandai Networks Europe sees the most iconic character in gaming history tackle new, dynamically evolving mazes and six different game modes, all displayed in rich, detailed graphics with dazzling visual effects.

PAC-MAN Championship Edition™ first appeared on the Xbox 360™ in 2007. Legendary game creator, Toru Iwatani, the creator of the original PAC-MAN™ game, was called upon to help with the design of a next generation PAC-MAN™ for Xbox LIVE® Arcade. Now recreated on mobile, the game brings a new degree of challenge and excitement to the world-famous format, building on the charm which made the original so appealing.

The much-loved basics of the game remain intact with PAC-MAN™ having to navigate the maze and eat all the PAC-Dots while trying to avoid the ghosts and obtain the highest score possible. However in this latest incarnation, an ever-evolving maze, new game modes, challenges and achievements add an intense excitement and new skill requirement not previously seen in any PAC-MAN™ game.

New features:

  • New mazes designed by Toru Iwatani
  • Timed challenge modes
  • Integrated Facebook friends lists, and exchange of hi-scores and achievements
  • Improved cornering so PAC-MAN™ can take turns at speed
  • Six different game modes making gameplay more challenging and varied
  • Twelve achievement awards for completing tasks throughout the game
  • Online Global and Regional High Score leaderboard

Examples of new game modes include a Challenge Mode where only the area directly around PAC-MAN™ and the ghosts is visible and the maze walls are hidden as well as a maze inspired by the streets of Manhattan.

To download your free demo of PAC-MAN Championship Edition go to www.namcomobile.com/PAC-MANChampionship

Once you have downloaded the game you can start uploading your scores to the regional leaderboard and comparing your PAC-MAN performance with the best of the rest!

Speaking about the global PAC-MAN™ phenomenon, Barry O'Neill, President of Namco Bandai Networks Europe said, "PAC-MAN™ is a character adored the world over and the game appeals to people of all ages.  PAC-MAN Champion Edition™ brings very exciting developments to the game and this transition to mobile is a near-perfect mirror of the console version which shows how well mobile can compete as a games platform".

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Please contact nbne@nelsonbostock.com for more information or to review the game.

About Namco Bandai Networks Europe
Namco Bandai Networks Europe is a leading publisher of wireless games and content for mobile, offering a wide selection of titles to consumers which includes all-time classic games such as PAC-MAN™, Galaga™ and Galaxians™, as well as contemporary titles such as Ridge Racer™, Time Crisis™, and the best-selling Brain Coach™ with Dr. Kawashima. Namco Bandai Networks Europe provides mobile phone content to all major carriers in Europe, including Vodafone, Orange, O2, T-Mobile, Telefónica Móviles, Bouygues Telecom, KPN Mobile, ePlus, Cosmote and Wind.

More information about Namco Bandai Networks Europe, its products and services can be found online at http://www.namcomobile.com/.

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