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Namco Bandai Networks Europe – Namco Arcade on Facebook

Core Facts

  • The Namco Arcade is open! The new digital discovery and delivery service from Namco Bandai Networks Europe (NBNE) is available on Facebook now. Users will be able to try out popular games, and have exclusive sneak previews of exciting forthcoming titles.
  • Launching with classic NBNE games including Time Crisis Elite, PAC-MAN™ Championship Edition, Rolling with Katamari, PAC-MAN™, Inspector Gadget, PAC-MAN™ Pinball 2, More Brain Exercise with Dr Kawashima, and Namco Arcade Golf, Namco Arcade hosts iconic titles for Facebook fans to enjoy.
  • Namco Arcade will also see the return of Ridge Racer to mobile gaming, with Ridge Racer Drift arriving soon. 
  • Playing in the Namco Arcade booth, users can write mini-reviews, become a fan of those games they just can't walk away from, and share games over Facebook, Twitter, Digg and email.
  • Becoming a Fan of the application allows users to share their reviews and meet new people who love the same games they do.
  • Buying your favourite game so you can play wherever you go is easy. Simply click on "Buy Now" after the demo, enter your phone number and you'll receive an SMS link on your phone to download the game from the NBNE WAP site. Users will not be charged until they click on the "download" link on the WAP page.
  • High-res images and embeddable demo video of Namco Arcade are attached to this release.
  • The Iron Fist Tournament is coming in the spring, so get training...


Barry O’Neill, President of Namco Bandai Networks Europe
“I’m excited by the launch of Namco Arcade. Facebook has a user base of 350 million, many of whom love casual gaming. Namco Arcade is a great way for us to reach a whole new audience, and allows us to reduce the overall cost to customers, while offering a new level of service and interactivity. The ability to discover and share games easily will be a key driver for the mobile games market in the future.” 

Boilerplate Statements

About Namco Bandai Networks Europe
Namco Bandai Networks Europe is a leading publisher of wireless games and content for mobile, offering a wide selection of titles to consumers which includes all-time classic games such as PAC-MAN, Galaga and Galaxian, as well as contemporary titles such as Ridge Racer, Time Crisis, and the best-selling Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima series. Namco Bandai Networks Europe provides mobile phone content to all major carriers in Europe.


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