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Mobile Social Media Conference - Examining Social Widgets, Application Stores and Mobile Social Networking

Mobile Social Media (www.mobilesocial-networking.com) taking place at Olympia on the 15th March will focus on the latest developments being made in Social Media and mobile devices.

Topics being addressed are: How far has the Mobile Social Networking market come in the last year? Mobile Internet and Social Networks – a perfect marriage, Monetising your mobile offering and Mobile multimedia 2.0: Developing the ultimate handset.

Key Speakers include:
•    Mark Watts-Jones, Head of Development & Innovation, Orange UK
•    Shaun Gregory, Managing Director, O2, Media Business
•    Yoel Flohr, Head of Mobile, Bebo
•    Angel Gambino, Vice President, Sonico
•    Bob Rapp, Head, User Communities, Vodafone Group
•    Peter Ward, Co-founder & CEO, WAYN
•    Cian O’Sullivan, Editor in Chief, GoMo News
•    Claudio Venezia, Researcher, Telecom Italia
•    Matt Dicks, CMO, Flirtomatic

Co-hosted alongside this conference will be an exhibition with representatives from leading players from Mobile, Social Media, Broadcast and Telecoms.   This will cover all aspects of Social Media on mobile and shows the diversity of the industry.  The exhibition will also feature a series of free workshops that will add additional content to people attending the exhibition.   Workshops will be run by Facebook Developers Garage, Social Media UK, RealWire and the DMA and NMA

The Mobile Social Media conference will be held in conjunction with the Social Media World Forum 2010 (www.socialmedia-forum.com).  This is a leading Social Media event that brings together all facets of industry connected to Social Media featuring 4 conference streams, Social Media (www.socialmedia-forum.com), Social TV (www.social-tv.net), Enterprise Social Media (www.enterprisesocialmedia.net), and Cloud Computing (www.cloudcomputingcongress.com). These are based around a central exhibition.

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