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Mobile Cloud Computing Workshops: Applications, Networks, Handsets & Social Media Apps in the Cloud

The Cloud Computing Congress (http://www.cloudcomputingcongress.com/), has just announced a range of free to attend workshops on mobile cloud computing, co-located with the Mobile Social Media forum (http://www.mobilesocial-networking.com/).

The workshops examine why mobile and cloud computing are the perfect fit, and how this can be used to generate the next generation mobile experience. The workshops also cover practical demo of hybrid and mobile cloud computing, and how core functionality can be expanded to mobile devices for the cloud. View the free to attend workshops here: http://www.cloudcomputingcongress.com/exhibition/workshops.html

“Cloud computing technologies look like they will become a changing force in the mobile world, facilitating mobile solutions to be offered to a much broader audience of mobile subscribers.” commented Ian Johnson, MD, Six Degrees Events. “We are delighted to announce a range of free to attend workshops, and think that  the mobile social media event will help outline the next generation in mobile cloud applications, new business models, and the obstacles to be overcome.“

“In the mobile Web device detection, media adaptation, and optimized content delivery are challenging tasks as there are so many different devices out there. Mobile cloud computing gets all these hurdles out of the way. Using a web-based mobile publishing platform, it’s not only more cost-efficient, it also delivers much better quality output on a broader variety of handsets.” (Michael Neidhoefer, CEO, Netbiscuits)

“What if you could build applications based on web standards, move the processing associated with the applications off the mobile device to powerful, centralized platforms and then use the Internet to access the applications, in essence moving these applications into the cloud?" (Mark Beccue, ABI Research)

Additional workshops at the event include cloud application development, Microsoft Azure overview and more.  To register for the free to attend workshop please go to - http://www.cloudcomputingcongress.com/register/free-exhibition.html

Learn which mobile applications will lead the growth, the key technologies, players and initiatives involved, new business models that will be introduced, and the barriers that must be overcome. Additional free to attend workshops with Facebook and other partners are co-located @ the social media world forum, please see agenda - http://www.socialmedia-forum.com/exhibition/workshops.html 

Cloud Computing Congress & Mobile Social Media is co-located with the Social Media World Forum (http://www.socialmedia-forum.com/) an event that encompasses the entire spectrum of Social Media.  It will take place at Olympia, London on the 15/16 March.

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