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#Success In #Relocation: The Relocation Journey Tax Advice And Digital Wealth Front Of Mind For Growing HNWI Relocator Segment

LUXEMBOURG, 15 November 2017 – New research from The OneLife Company reveals that ensuring investments are tax efficient and managing international tax commitments are among the top financial priorities for internationally mobile HNWIs. In spite of this, fewer than 40% of relocators feel that their investments are as tax efficient as they need them to be.
The insight points to the growing urgency for wealth managers to tailor solutions and services to international clients. One in four European HNWIs surveyed has previously moved countries to live or work, with a further 13% intending to relocate for the first time in the future. The appetite for international living is rising further among the millennial segment, with the number of relocators and future relocators under the age of 35 rising to 43% and 20% respectively.
The research, carried out in conjunction with wealth insights firm Scorpio Partnership, considered the views of 770 HNWIs from Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The average wealth of participants was EUR2.76 million.
Responses revealed that 46% of individuals relocating or intending to relocate would expect tax advice to be part of an international wealth management proposition. Notably, 27% would also require life assurance to be included within the product suite, with this figure rising to 39% among those under 35.
“Younger generations of clients are more likely to relocate and are clearly more cognizant of the range of benefits – such as portability – which life assurance can provide,” commented Marc Stevens, Chief Executive Officer at OneLife.
The findings also point to the significance of technology for the relocator segment. Online banking was the top requirement in an international wealth management proposition, with 53% of relocators saying this was necessary to manage wealth.
This was affirmed by the fact that individuals who continued to work with their primary wealth manager following relocation referenced quality of tools as the primary reason to stay with the firm. By contrast, a quarter of individuals changing wealth management provider following relocation cited lack of suitable digital services as a motivator to pursue a different relationship.
Advice From Wealth Managers Noticeably Absent During International Moves
Our findings indicate that international moves are fast becoming the norm. Almost a quarter of HNWIs have already relocated and many of them have caught the bug for an international lifestyle. On average, relocators have moved 2.6 times – rising among millennials (3.2) and entrepreneurs (3.3). A further 26% of HNWIs intend to make an international move in the future.
While an international lifestyle clearly suits some more than others, even those staying at home understand the appeal of an international move. Over 50% of non-relocators consider relocation an opportunity to be exploited. Notably, this is not perceived to be a material opportunity. While a majority of HNWIs believe relocation does not impact wealth creation, the relocators we surveyed were EUR1 million wealthier than those who stayed at home.
Although ‘optimistic’ was the word most frequently used to describe the feeling towards relocation, HNWIs also express concerns about moving abroad. Specifically, language barriers (38% of respondents), financial management (30%), as well as healthcare and social security (31%) formed some of the key concerns linked to an international move.
Surprisingly robust, professional advice seems notably absent in the process. To alleviate worries, relocators seek guidance from friends, family, and employers when looking to move abroad, rather than wealth advisors, support groups and relocation agencies. In fact, only a quarter of HNWIs looked to their wealth managers for advice during their move – and of those who did, only 8% found this professional advice valuable and helpful.
Onelife’s Cross-Border Expertise Helps Facilitate The Relocation Journey For Expats & Their Families – Practical Toolkit Built By Experts
A new profile of HNWI is therefore emerging, one which is characterised by a desire to break down borders and explore the full world of opportunities. Whilst this is an exciting and often lucrative prospect, its success is dependent on making some important choices before the move. Questions such as: How portable is my wealth as I move cross-border? What are the international tax issues I might face as a result of relocation? And whilst I am abroad, can I easily access my wealth situation digitally to stay up to date?
To help answer these questions and demonstrate the benefits of life assurance in cross-border situations, OneLife’s team of wealth experts has put together a practical guide for expats and their families. First, an e-book featuring 6 pragmatic case studies which describe the relocation journey of each of 6 families as they move from one country to another. And, second, a cross-border checklist containing the 14 essential questions to ask before embarking on the relocation journey.
 As Marc Stevens says: “As an industry, we cannot afford to be one-dimensional in the way we perceive our clients. With relocation a rising priority for Europe’s wealthiest individuals, we must anticipate their requirements by adding value through know-how and expertise to support their international aspirations.”
>> The key findings of the research are available on: https://www.onelife.eu.com/downloads/success-relocation-key-findings/
>> The e-book can be downloaded on: https://www.onelife.eu.com/downloads/success-relocation-e-book/
>> The checklist is available on: https://www.onelife.eu.com/downloads/success-relocation-checklist/
For more information please contact:
Michele Nerantzis
Marketing Communication Manager
T: +352 45 67 30 4316
E: michele.nerantzis@onelife.eu.com
Vinciane Derulle
Senior Marketing Communication Officer
T: +352 45 67 30 4988
E: vinciane.derulle@onelife.eu.com 
  1. In total, 770 individuals took part in this research study on relocation. The average level of wealth among these individuals was EUR2.76 million.
  2. The respondents were from the UK, France, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Finland and Sweden.
  3. The research was conducted using an online survey. Participants were identified using profiling techniques to determine their likelihood of qualifying as HNWIs. They were contacted directly by email.
  4. The research was conducted by Scorpio Partnership in collaboration with OneLife.
About OneLife
OneLife exists to overturn conventional attitudes to life assurance. As a specialist in this area with over 25 years’ experience, we develop cross-border financial planning solutions for Ultra High Net Worth, High Net Worth, and High Affluent clients across Europe and beyond.
Whether it’s a question of long-term savings, inheritance planning, or simply understanding how to better manage your wealth, we are dedicated to providing sophisticated, compliant and innovative solutions that are crafted to suit each individual and their evolving needs.
Together with a solid network of select partners — including private banks, family offices and independent financial advisors — our dynamic team of international experts offer a fresh approach that helps understand and anticipate the needs of wealthy clients in a world of change.
With €5bn in assets under management, OneLife is owned by J.C. Flowers & Co — one of the leading investment firms in the international finance industry.
About Scorpio Partnership
Scorpio Partnership is a pioneer in the art of translating the complex needs of wealthy clients into practical, innovative and profitable solutions to target these customers. This award-winning firm has developed client insight from thousands of millionaires and billionaires around the world. With this knowledge, the firm has implemented strategic research, practical consulting and business innovation projects in over 35 countries.

Telefonix Voice & Data brings spatial audio experience to UK boardrooms

14 November, 2017 — Surrey, United KingdomTelefonix Voice and Data, a leader in unified business communications and technology solutions across the UK, today announces that they will be bringing sophisticated signal processing and spatial audio technology to business communications for the first time.
Despite the widespread use of audio, web and video conferencing, business productivity is diminished by technical limitations in audio quality that detract from the experience and prevent natural interactions. Meetings end up being inefficient, with users disengaged. Telefonix offers the Dolby Conference Phone with Dolby Voice technology for use in any business boardroom which brings excellent benefits such as increased collaboration, flexibility, and productivity.
David Hughes, Operations Director of Telefonix Voice & Data, said, “We are excited to be one of a limited number of exclusive Dolby partners offering the Dolby Conference Phone to UK businesses for the first time. Deploying superior Dolby audio technology brings real-life clarity to all communications, whether it is used on its own as an audio conference phone, or with video conferencing solutions.”
Dolby Voice uses sophisticated signal processing to deliver stunning audio quality, so conference call sound is no longer noisy, distracting, and hard to follow. The 360-degree voice pickup captures the entire room’s conversation, and spatial audio technology presents in-room and remote voices as if they come from a distinct location, making it easier to keep track of who is speaking, even at the same time. Noise reduction technology ensures users can hear everyone with perfect clarity, even when there is background noise such as on the road or in the airport.
"Dolby is a proven leader in creating spectacular audio and video experiences for cinema and home theater. Through Dolby Voice, our scientific research and technologies are applied to collaboration audio for conferencing that is exceptionally clear and natural sounding," said Andrew Border, Vice President, Communications Business Group, Dolby Laboratories.
Telefonix provides technical expertise and support to help businesses use and integrate the new Dolby Conference Phone with Dolby Voice. The collaboration between Dolby and Telefonix enables businesses to implement the latest sound technology, while protecting existing investments in collaboration and meeting solutions.
Notes to Editors
About Telefonix Voice & Data
Telefonix is renowned for helping businesses to grow and transform through technology across the UK. Telefonix delivers industry-leading Cloud, Customer Experience, Collaboration, Unified Communications, and Cyber Security solutions. For over 30 years, Telefonix has delivered solutions that drive business value, helping them transform into the business of tomorrow. Our solutions and services are scalable across multiple industries, from fledgling start-ups to large enterprise business. By leveraging our expertise we enable our clients to manage their needs through a trusted technology partner. Telefonix has established successful partnerships with the most reliable hardware and software companies in the world. Telefonix can tailor world-class products and flexible services to suit the technology needs of businesses.
More Information

SimCentric exhibiting at I/ITSEC 2017 in Orlando, 27 Nov - 1 Dec

SimCentric Technologies will be exhibiting at I/ITSEC 2017 in Orlando 27 Nov – 1 Dec on the Bohemia Interactive Simulations Booth #2235. SimCentric shall demonstrate numerous enhancements to their flagship VBS3Fires FST Pro enabling full spectrum offensive fires, close air support and UAV vectoring capabilities with incorporation of realistic Collateral Damage Estimates and Battle Damage Assessment utilising our Ambience pattern of life generation tool. Completing this configuration is our MediaMate smart device live streaming application simulating a UAV Rover 5 ISR feed in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) integration.
What's new in VBSFires?
Support for Multi-Channel IG Configuration
: With the release of VBS IG terrain rendering engine, SimCentric has fully integrated VBS3Fires FST across a multi-channel system with VBS IG supporting a high-fidelity dome configuration. For our current user community, this enables a “desktop to dome” comprehensive solution across all hardware configurations with seamless VBS3Fires FST interoperability utilising any combination of VBS3 and VBS IG. Importantly, this enables utilisation of current VBS3Fires FST licences with no additional expense to integrate into VBS IG, and once released, VBS Blue IG, Bohemia’s full earth rendering capability.
Digitally Aided Close Air Support (DACAS) - ATAK: In 2015 SimCentric integrated the DARPA created and US Marine Corps employed KILSWITCH DACAS (Kinetic Integrated Low-cost SoftWare Integrated Tactical Combat Handheld), achieving a PCAS (Persistent Close Air Support) ordnance on target time of under four minutes. Building on this success SimCentric is proud to announce the release of their Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) VBS3Fires FST integration module in Q1 2018, with further proprietary based DACAS platforms to follow. Supporting precision targeting, intelligence feeds on surrounding land formations, navigation, and enhanced situational awareness, ATAK represents a quantum leap in DACAS supported capability for the operator.
Additional VBS3Fires FST Feature Development
SimCentric has also undertaken intensive development work over the past twelve months, delivering a range of advanced and doctrinally accurate features of relevance within VBS3Fires FST. These are available from Version 3.17.3 onwards to all customers with a valid support contract, and include:
  • New CFF Ammunition (Precision, Anti-Armoured)
  • Deliberate Instructor Gun Offset (by Fire Unit)
  • Mortar / Artillery Dispersion Pattern Adjustment
  • Visual Aides for Registered Observers
  • 2D/3D Visual & Data CFF adjustment overlays
  • Timestamped target visual markers in AAR
  • Combined ammunition down to individual gun
  • Enhanced pattern distribution physics
  • Mission Reference Numbering
  • New Additional Country Doctrines
SimCentric shall also be exhibiting VBSFusion, the official Application Programming Interface (API) supporting VBS3, our GUIMate application that accelerates the process of building, deploying and maintaining custom GUI content within VBS3, and our TrainingMate “virtual classroom” enabling synchronized and highly efficient instructor enabled VBS3 training instances to be conducted either in a co-located or geographically distributed environment.
Ask also about our extensive refactoring of our Ambience Pattern of Life Generation tool including new standards based externalised processing of entity AI, resulting in significant performance boosts across both entity counts and frame rates.
SAF-Foresight™: Currently under intensive R&D with a Q1 2018 completion of an operational concept demonstrator, SAF-Foresight promises to revolutionise the employment of simulation across the LVC spectrum in major combined and joint exercise conduct, management and after action review. Military Stakeholders only.
VSALT™ (Visual Search and Autonomous Linkage Tool): Initially developed in 2016 under a UK MoD funded research/technology grant to explore challenges and potential solutions to Autonomy & Big Data problems in the defence, cyber and intelligence domains, VSALT is an open Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning particle based data search system directly supporting a vast range of military intelligence and data processing applications. Following user trials and stakeholder feedback, VSALT has been further developed and expanded to include new functionality covering enhanced multi-filters across diverse databases, unique multi-view options based on weighted data search relevance, timeline defined and network relational strength criterion.
Click here https://www.simct.com/contact_us to schedule an appointment at I/ITSEC 2017 at Booth #2235 to see how SimCentric Technologies can drive your synthetic environment training to the next level!!
SimCentric Technologies is a global software company started in 2008, and specializing in advanced, high fidelity simulation middleware applications. Focusing on a “best in class” vision, SimCentric’s expertise in AI and Machine Learning enables Military organisations to maximise return from their simulation investment through both COTS and customised solutions.
Become part of the action www.simct.com.
For Press or Media enquiries contact tessbutler@ruddynice.com

OutSystems Announces Five New DevOps Features to Help Enterprise IT Adopt Low-Code

Integrations with Microsoft Visual Studio, Jenkins, and other new features make it easy to use OutSystems with complex DevOps toolchains
London - 3rd November, 2017 - OutSystems, provider of the number one platform for low-code development, today announced the release of multiple new DevOps features that help enterprise IT shops realise the benefits of low-code development — a key driver for digital transformation.
According to Gartner, “DevOps can deliver compelling business advantages, but many organisations struggle to start, or restart, an initiative due to uncertainty about how to approach the transformation.” *Gartner, DevOps — Eight Simple Steps to Get It Right, George Spafford and Ian Head, October 9, 2017
Enterprise IT struggles with established DevOps toolchains for their legacy platforms, making it harder for them to adopt new technologies. OutSystems can now be easily integrated into these toolchains to allow seamless deployments across legacy technologies and modern low-code platforms.
New capabilities include:
  • Enhanced LifeTime Deployment API - The Deployment API allows the management of applications, modules, environments and deployments of an OutSystems infrastructure. This allows DevOps teams to use their existing DevOps orchestration platforms to manage the lifecycle of applications built on and running within OutSystems.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services Integration - Leveraging the Enhanced LifeTime Deployment API, OutSystems is announcing a supported VSTS Extension in the Microsoft Visual Studio Marketplace, which allows organisations to manage builds and releases of OutSystems applications through VSTS.
“OutSystems wants all organisations to take advantage of the development speed of low-code - this is fundamental to them achieving their digital transformation goals,” said Paulo Rosado, CEO of OutSystems. “Where organisations have an existing investment in DevOps tooling, we want to break any barriers to entry and make it easy to add our platform into their toolchain.”
“As organisations seek to drive digital transformation, they may adopt low-code platforms that accelerate delivery of enterprise applications,” said Paula Panarra, general manager at Microsoft Portugal at Microsoft Corp. “Collaborating with OutSystems is a win-win for organisations embracing DevOps and balancing the need to innovate with the need to maintain legacy applications.”
Additional product updates include:
  • Jenkins CI/CD Server Integration - A supported extension to enable the management of OutSystems application lifecycles with the popular open source Jenkins continuous integration and continuous delivery tooling in a DevOps operation.
  • OutSystems LifeTime DevOps Advanced Deployment Options - Functional enhancements granting more flexibility when planning deployments and improved user interface to search and select applications to be deployed, useful for DevOps teams managing large environments with hundreds or thousands of applications deployed.
  • New Automated Visual Text Merge - Offers the capability to compare JavaScript and CSS scripts during conflict resolution, merge the code of scripts and resolve conflicts. This gives QA or development departments the ability to quickly identify issues and fix application problems.
  • Test Framework - Test Framework is a test management tool that allows automation and orchestration of Unit Testing using BDD Framework Tests, UI Tests, API Testing and Mobile Testing, enhancing collaboration between development, QA, and operations departments.
About OutSystems
Thousands of customers worldwide trust OutSystems, the number one low-code platform for rapid application development. Engineers with an obsessive attention to detail crafted every aspect of the OutSystems platform to help organisations build enterprise-grade apps and transform their business faster. OutSystems is the only solution that combines the power of low-code development with advanced mobile capabilities, enabling visual development of entire application portfolios that easily integrate with existing systems. Visit us at http://www.outsystems.com/, or follow us on Twitter @OutSystems or LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/outsystems. Explore careers at OutSystems.

OutSystems Announces Worldwide Stock Option Plan for All Employees

London – 31st October, 2017 – OutSystems has announced a stock ownership plan for company employees. All employees across nine offices globally - from junior staff to executives - will be eligible to participate.
The worldwide stock programme adds to OutSystems’ continued reputation as a premier employer. In February 2017, Forbes magazine recognised OutSystems as the sixth best cloud computing company and CEO to work for, just behind Google. This was the second year in a row Forbes honoured OutSystems with this achievement. Also in February, CRN recognised OutSystems among the 20 Coolest Cloud Platform and Development vendors. And in May 2017, OutSystems CEO, Paulo Rosado, was selected for having one of the highest satisfaction ratings among 167,000 CEOs alongside leaders from Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Netflix.
“At OutSystems, we count on smart, innovative people and a powerful corporate culture. We want to reward those employees who contribute to our outstanding growth and highly satisfied customer base,” said Paulo Rosado, CEO of OutSystems. “I’m thrilled to have a programme that truly says ‘thank you’ to every employee for helping to build our company. Hard work, long hours, and commitment have contributed to our journey.”
Commenting on the new programme, Chief People Officer, Carlos Alves said, “The incentive plan focuses on three main objectives: reward, retain and recruit. As OutSystems continues to grow and build a world-class company, attracting the best and brightest employees is essential. This programme will be a central part of OutSystems progressive benefits plan.”
About OutSystems
Thousands of customers worldwide trust OutSystems, the number one low-code platform for application development. Engineers with an obsessive attention to detail crafted every aspect of the OutSystems platform to help organisations build enterprise-grade apps and transform their business faster. With OutSystems, you visually develop your entire application, easily integrate with existing systems, and add your own custom code when you need it. Visit us at http://www.outsystems.com/, or follow us on Twitter @OutSystems or LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/outsystems.
Media Contacts:
Paula Elliott (UK)
Managing Director, C8 Consulting
Direct: +44 (0) 1189 497736