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Vigilante win Epic Games, Unreal Grant for Model Library Creation

Vigilante are excited to announce that they have been awarded a MegaGrant from Epic Games to deliver a Model Library for Unreal Engine.

Epic has committed $100 million to adopt Unreal engine (UE) as an image generating (IG) platform and create amazing content, by lowering one of the barriers to entry - cost. These include game developers, enterprise professionals, media and entertainment creators, students, educators, and tool developers. For all of them and those who are running HLA or DIS-enabled distributed simulations, through this fantastic programme, Vigilante will create;

  • A library of more than 100 assets, which will be sufficient to cover a wide spectrum of scenarios for Sea, Air, and Land applications.
  • A simple way to provide visual scenes of the simulation environment in UE renderer.
  • HLA/DIS certified content on the marketplace

The provision of a free library of content on the Unreal Marketplace will enable start-up, smaller and enterprise users alike to leverage Unreal technology into their own solutions, and training systems. Vigilante and Epic would like to encourage the community to build up this library, providing a free resource and service for all users.

Vigilante proposed the creation of a plugin which would function as an intermediate between a Vigilante-created content library and any 3rd-party HLA/DIS provider, such as Epic Grant-recipient, coreDS Unreal. This plugin will be provided for free on the Unreal Marketplace, lowering the technological barrier for users of distributed simulations by being a plug-in which “just works”, easing the integration process and allowing for significant reductions in implementation time.

Chris Torchia, CEO, Vigilante said, “We believe the simulation and training industry is nearing a major revolution as market driven and technological forces point towards a new future for developing products and doing business in this sector and we now have an opportunity to lead the way by both incentivizing and directly assisting users who would like to adopt emerging technologies for their S&T or R&D platform.” 

Seb Loze, Industry Manager, Simulations chez Epic Games, "In the simulation context, content is king, lots of programmers and experts are starting to use Unreal Engine and sometimes are worried about starting from scratch. By providing this comprehensive and free library to use a spring-board, Vigilante is lowering the barrier and allowing users to focus on the semantics of their simulation applications rather than on creating true to life visual representation of their entities."

About Vigilante:
Vigilante was established in 2010, in Buffalo, New York, USA. Vigilante has a deep knowledge and expertise in simulation visualisation technologies and delivery. We were founded by a team who are gamers from the ground up. We are as passionate about the creativity and visualisation of our ideas, as we are about the precision of the engineering behind the models and games involved. Vigilante creates functionally-precise and visually unparalleled content for simulation industry leaders. 

For media enquiries: tessbutler@ruddynice.com 

Vigilante.US Twitter: @Vigilanteus1
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/vigilante-us 

DSET 2021 Announces Tech Sponsor

DSET are excited to announce that Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) will be the official Tech Sponsors for the 2021 hybrid event in March 22nd-24th 2021.
As key players in the military training and simulation sector, we are honoured to welcome them as our Tech Sponsors and key exhibitors. BISim provides high-fidelity, cost effective training with their product portfolio including VBS4, VBS3, VBS Blue IG and TerraTools, which are widely used to train the military virtually on a global landscape with almost endless training scenarios, locations, vehicles with collective and individual training.
BISim continues to push the boundaries with high standards and interoperability in AI and XR.
With their industry experience BISim will offer some essential insight at the event during their speaking slot and live interview broadcast with MS&T Magazine.
Tess Butler, CEO, DSET said “Bohemia Interactive SImulations are a long-term supporter of DSET and as we continue to grow and innovate, so do they. A Hybrid conference for us means more participation from brilliant minds all over the world. We will keep pushing DSET to have the best content ever as well as a genuine community of support, exchange of ideas & delivery, throughout the year.”
“We at BISim are very much looking forward to DSET 2021 and our role as its Tech Sponsor. DSET has a unique community atmosphere and is a really lively discussion forum. With strong and active international participation, and its well thought-out hybrid approach, we are looking forward to being part of the community’s engagement, and for DSET as an opportunity to highlight some of the latest advances we have in making simulation easier, faster and truly global,” Rusmat Ahmed, SVP Sales - EMEA, Bohemia Interactive Simulations.
DSET 2021 (Defence Simulation Education and Training) will be a Hybrid event. We will be wholly in both the Virtual and Real worlds. We are investing in the technology, people and skills to not only build on our first 5 years of DSET, but to provide an interactive environment for our community throughout the year.
We support and drive innovation in this space, not least to engage new talent from more diverse backgrounds, educations and ages, to answer existing challenges and provide future capability for the military, industry and academia.
DSET was set up in 2016 to facilitate military to military engagement; and to give military the opportunity to educate industry in a challenge lead approach. International military and government drive the DSET agenda and deliver the majority of presentations.
DSET was set up with a very clear set of objectives: A military set agenda; a predominately military delivered conference; and to provide a relevant open community forum for honest debate and discussions amongst the military and industry of the training and simulation sector.
To find out more about DSET visit www.dset.co.uk
Book your ticket to attend DSET 2021 here https://ruddy-nice-ltd.events.idloom.com/dset2021/ register https://bit.ly/2HPIa2D

Find out more about Bohemia Interactive Simulations https://bisimulations.com/

Sytel Releases Multi-tenant, Multimedia and Fully Blended Contact Center Platform

London, UK - Sytel announces version 11 of their Softdial Contact Center™ (SCC) hosting platform, supporting fully blended voice, chat, email, SMS, video, and all social channels.
Michael McKinlay, CEO of Sytel commented, “Rather than tell you that this new version takes hosting to new heights (which by the way, we think it does!) let me cut to the chase and pull out ten of the new features which we think are most relevant to what our customers are looking for.
  1. Multi-channel, multimedia agent desktop that is non-siloed and fully blended. Automatic load balancing with no need for supervisor intervention to optimise agent activities
  2. Routing rules to ensure that customers always get dealt with by the most appropriate agent, in the media of their choice
  3. Agent desktop that will support and resize any/all web applications, be it our own, or third party
  4. Multi-tenant wall to wall, supporting 10,000+ agents
  5. Sytel or third party conversational AI with call routing supported by award winning Sytel AI Dialer
  6. Reporting that in a single view that will summarise KPIs for all agent activities, across all media
  7. Open APIs offering a choice of presentation - REST, native sockets, Websockets or a high-level .NET library
  8. Chat messaging connectors for the most popular platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and the option to add unlimited chat plugins to existing chat platforms via Sytel Open APIs
  9. Customer interaction history at the agent’s fingertips, giving a view of previous interactions regardless of media type
  10. Home working proven in all continents around the world
“Oh, and we also give you world class support, unbeatable pricing and a product that just about deploys itself,” said McKinlay.
“We have been working with Sytel for many years,” said Naresh Kothari, President of Intertec Systems in Dubai, “and we just love the way they are continually innovating to keep us ahead of the market.”
For more details, including demonstration videos, please visit v11.sytel.com

About Sytel
Sytel Limited develops and supplies Softdial Contact Center® (SCC) multimedia, multichannel, fully blended cloud contact center solutions, for quick and easy deployment. It brings the same world-class innovation to the multimedia contact center that is used in developing its world-leading AI Dialer. All Sytel cloud components are secure, resilient and scale seamlessly from 50 agents to 10,000+, whether local, mobile or remote.
About Intertec
Established since 1991, Intertec Systems is a regional specialist in Digital, Business Applications, Cloud, Managed Services and Cybersecurity. They serve Governments, Financial Services, Healthcare and Enterprises across Middle East & India with local offices in 5 countries.

EaPConnect project enters second phase, building on past success to support research and education in the Eastern Partnership

core facts
The Eastern Partnership Connect project, EaPConnect, enters a second phase from 1 July 2020. Coordinated by the GÉANT Association, the 60-month EU-funded ‘EU4Digital: Connecting Research and Education Communities’ project (EaPConnect2) will bring together the research and education (R&E) communities from European Union (EU) and Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries and reduce the digital divide.
The new project will build on the achievements of the first EaPConnect project, which brought greater integration with GÉANT activities, services and networks, and benefits to research, education and wider society in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine:
  • Internet connectivity prices were reduced by around 60% in Belarus and Ukraine and by around 80% in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, thanks to procurement activities carried out in collaboration with GÉANT.
  • Internet connectivity to the pan-European GÉANT R&E network increased tenfold in capacity in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus and 7-fold in Armenia, as compared to the start of the first project.
  • The number of connected institutions grew significantly in Georgia (17%), Armenia (26%) and Azerbaijan (58%) and around 800,000 students, researchers and staff at universities, research institutes and other connected institutions can now access EaPConnect partner networks and services.
  • Researchers from fields as diverse as high-energy physics, seismology, climatology, biomedical sciences and speech synthesis and recognition made use of the provided networks and growing number of services.
  • The project created and strengthened human networks with around 530 participants at four ‘EaPEC’ conferences and 30 training events and workshops, which gave around 500 participants the opportunity to meet and learn together.
The second EaPConnect project will extend the network infrastructure to scale-up scientific exchange across borders, increase the use of services implemented under EaPConnect and offer new services to enhance international R&E cooperation, and strengthen the position of EaP national research and education networks (NRENs) in their national R&E ecosystems.
Funding and partners
The project is funded under the EU4Digital initiative of the European Union. The European Commission’s Directorate General for Neighbourhoods and Enlargements Negotiations (DG NEAR) is contributing 95% (€10m) towards the costs, providing funding to the second EaPConnect project under Grant Agreement number ENI/2019/407-452; the remaining 5% is being co-funded by the six beneficiary countries.
The beneficiary partners in the second EaPConnect project are IIAP NAS RA (Armenia), IIT of ANAS (Azerbaijan), UIIP NASB (Belarus), GRENA (Georgia), RENAM (Moldova) and URAN (Ukraine). Co-beneficiary partners are DFN (Germany), EENet of HITSA (Estonia), LITNET (Lithuania), GRNET (Greece), GARR (Italy), PSNC (Poland), RoEduNet (Romania) and SURF (the Netherlands). The partners will work together in further conferences, workshops, mentorship relationships and other collaborative activities to achieve the project objectives and ensure the sustainability of research and education networking in the Eastern Partnership region.

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum invites #EPICIrish stories for a new exhibition

COME A CRISIS, COME IRELAND’S CALL. The Irish are answering the call around the world to make a difference during the COVID-19 crisis.
As we move into the next chapter of Ireland’s story, EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum invites people to share their #EPICIrish stories for a new exhibition.
Watch the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMhNFgOLgTg. Download from https://www.dropbox.com/sh/obz7m26592kiff3/AAB5dM-_MulR2OMHKuQWvvy3a?dl=0
As an emigrating nation, the Irish have always been separated by land, seas and oceans. To many, we’re a nation defined by distance. Despite this, we’ve done alright. We’ve become politicians and scientists; built cities, developed schools and hospitals and invented colour photography and submarines. There’s always been a collective movement whether in Bandon or Boston to contribute to the local community, county and country.
COVID-19 has stopped us in our tracks. Despite enforced separation, we’re seeing that same Irishness shine through. Volunteers helping the elderly, entertaining the isolated, feeding the hungry and bringing us closer by staying apart.
“No one can be certain of when these uncertain times will come to a close. As a story-telling museum, EPIC is hoping that we can collectively document the impact of the Irish world-wide during the crisis. These stories will form a new chapter in our nation’s story. We are inspired by Dr. Mike Ryan’s calm but consistently brilliant rallying cries, Irish medics travelling thousands of miles to come home to work and so many other supportive acts” said Dr Patrick Greene, Museum Director and CEO.
The stories will document and celebrate the difference Irish people at home and abroad are making in response to COVID-19.
EPIC asks people to share any stories that show the difference the Irish continue to make at home and abroad, no matter the size, with the #EPICIrish hashtag and on their website at https://dublin.epicchq.com/share-your-covid19-story
About EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum
EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum is a state-of-the-art interactive experience located in the beautiful vaults of the 1820 Custom House Quarter building in Dublin’s Docklands, the original departure point for so many of Ireland’s emigrants. Featuring personal stories of love, triumph, adventure and adversity, it highlights and celebrates the positive impact and influence of Irish emigrants around the world.
Described as one of Ireland’s National Treasures, EPIC was named Europe’s Leading Tourist Attraction in the 2019 World Travel Awards. For more information please visit www.epicchq.com or search #EPICmuseum online.