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SimCentric Releases VBS3 FiresFST Pro incorporating Ambience CDE/BDA features

Oxford, UK. SimCentric are excited to announce the release of VBS3 FiresFST Pro, evolving our flagship full-spectrum Call for Fire and Close Air Support Trainer to an unprecedented level. VBS3 FiresFST Pro now incorporates the human and vehicular pattern of life features from our Ambience application to support highly realistic, complex and flexible offensive support scenarios.
Whether in support of conventional peer-on-peer training, or counter-insurgency scenarios, VBS3 FiresFST Pro now allows the strategically critical element of Collateral Damage Estimates and Battle Damage Assessment to be genuinely incorporated into training instances.
Gareth Collier, Director of Strategic Engagement at SimCentric, commented. “Almost all available JFO/JTAC simulators are procedural, teaching only a prescribed sequence of dropping bombs and calling artillery. But the missing component that VBS3 FiresFST Pro now addresses is the cognitive element of when to apply various offensive fires effects, with realistic consequences for poor tactical decisions. VBS3 FiresFST Pro closes the gap between simulation, live training and operations, thereby reducing holistic risk of collateral damage and mission failure.”
VBS3 FiresFST Pro is available as a scalable COTS application for all new clients, or as an upgrade for our existing VBS3 FiresFST user community. SimCentric’s Ambience Pattern of Life generation application also remains available as a stand-alone offering worldwide for VBS3 users.
About SimCentric:
SimCentric Technologies is a global software company specializing in advanced simulation. SimCentric has been working in Military Simulation since 2008. We specialize in the development and delivery of innovative products and systems in Training and Education. We work in both the military and civil sectors providing a combination of COTS and customised solutions.
Become part of the action www.simct.com
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Teraki to use ASPIDER-NGI eSIM eConnect to embed data reduction capability

ASPIDER-NGI delivers eSIM eConnect to support Teraki OEM solutions to automotive OEMs & Manufacturers 
The Netherlands, Feb 14, 2017: ASPIDER-NGI, a leading provider of MVNE, IoT, eSIM and content solutions, today announced the supply of eSIM technologies to Berlin based Teraki, an innovative leader in data reduction solutions.
ASPIDER-NGI is providing its new eSIM eConnect product to Teraki allowing them to control the security and deployment of the Teraki data reduction to its customers via the eSIM. Teraki supplies manufacturers and OEMs with a software solution that increases data transmission efficiency by a factor of 10 to 50, whilst also reducing costs of the embedded hardware whose performance is challenged by increasingly higher requirements for processing. Teraki traditionally licenses an SDK to implement its solution. With the addition of eSIM technologies Teraki is also able to provide global, flexible and cost efficient end-to-end data communication to a new set of customers.
“Our manufacturer and automotive OEM clients demand the latest innovation to improve efficiency and functionality in their products,” said Daniel Richart of Teraki. “The eSIM enables us to control which carrier we use and can provide a platform independent solution that helps our clients deploy much faster, and also aligns to their strategic approaches to global connectivity.” He continued: “Based on our core technology we are able to provide data reduction closer to the SoC level while leveraging up to 10 times more data at up to 5 times reduced hardware cost. Alternatively, to leverage factor 50 more data at the same hardware cost. Teraki: More Data with Less Hardware.”
“We are excited to work with Teraki” said Michel Zwijnenberg VP of IoT at ASPIDER-NGI. “Their solution optimizes the data stream to reduce the required data connect capacity – it is almost like delivering 4G connectivity on a 2G modem!”. Jan Mooijman CEO at ASPIDER-NGI added “Innovation is critical to our success and having clients like Teraki helps us build solutions for a broader set of needs and improve our technology lead. The relationship with Teraki is more like a partnership that helps us understand new applications for enterprise and manufacturer sectors.”
ASPIDER-NGI plans to launch eSIM eConnect later this quarter. This product delivers a cloud based end-to-end service for secure hosting of eSIMs, management of provider subscriptions and enables the integration of private apps. ASPIDER-NGI eSIM eConnect provides a modular approach that allows manufacturers and corporates to own and control their SIMs, and manage the connectivity and security for their applications.  
ASPIDER-NGI is an operator independent company providing connectivity allowing you to build and control your own mobile solutions. We build, support and operate innovative MVNO and IoT platforms. We provide the network and expertise you require, and deliver with the flexibility and agility your company needs to disrupt your market. ASPIDER-NGI delivers and supports voice, data, SMS, multi-IMSI and eSIM products to manage and connect billions of connections for IoT, MVNO and Corporate Mobile solutions. Hundreds of clients have been launched around the world, from traditional M2M and MVNO projects, to OTT and IoT OEM solutions for operators and Corporates. For more information, visit www.aspider-ngi.com.
TERAKI GmbH (www.teraki.com) is a Berlin based, innovative leader in data reduction solutions. For the IoT and Automotive industries, the company provides software solutions that reduce the amount of mobile data usage (i.e. 3G/4G) with a factor 10 to 50. The direct business benefits to our customers are threefold. Firstly, significant cost reductions in mobile data consumption. Secondly, it saves on investments in the hardware required in the vehicle, preparing them for significant increases in processing power requirements. Finally, it enables to improve the efficiency of edge analytics processes. The technology is best in class in terms of data reduction. An additional characteristic is the low latency which makes the solution working well with real-time applications. Teraki offers this data reduction software to its customers via two propositions and working at the forefront of eSIM standardization: a licensed model where SDK is delivered to manufacturers and automotive OEMs; and an end-to-end solution that comprises an eSIM and mobile data (3G/4G).
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norxe expand into UK and Exhibit at ISE, Amsterdam

Fredrikstad - 9th February 2017. norxe, the Norwegian manufacturer of DLP projectors, will be exhibiting at ISE 2017.
This exciting new startup will demonstrate two P1 projectors on a Partner booth in Hall 12, stand N-44.
In addition, the company is delighted to announce the appointment of Iain Ambler as Head of Business Development for the UK. Iain will be attending ISE along with the rest of the norxe team. Iain‘s appointment is the latest in what can only be described as a period of energetic growth for the new projection manufacturer norxe.
In his new role, Iain will be tasked with developing the company‘s business through a select network of new and existing partners. Prior to joining norxe Iain held similar roles within Digital Projection, Barco and projectiondesign, building and developing sales networks and partner relationships in demanding markets and applications.
Over the past 25 years he has become one of the best sales experts in the industry, specializing in Simulation, Visualization and Visitor Attractions.
Iain is well suited to build the norxe brand and his appointment will help ensure that norxe products earn a reputation for performance and innovation.
Commenting on the appointment, Espen Olsen, VP Global Sales said: “We are delighted to welcome Iain to our team. Having worked with him previously I know that his standing within the industry and commitment to his partners will bring norxe to the level of partner engagement and support we are aiming for. Iain‘s knowledge and network will certainly help norxe develop into new markets and applications and at the same time be an asset for all the Partners working with us”.
Said Iain, “I’m extremely excited to be joining the norxe team, and to be part of a company advancing the developments of projection manufacturing, with a keen entrepreneurial spirit and an excellent new product I look forward to pushing new boundaries with norxe”.
About norxe
Located in Fredrikstad, Norway, norxe designs, manufactures and markets unique projectors for demanding applications. norxe combines in-house engineering expertise in optics, mechanics, electronics and software.
Projectors are built for performance and quality to provide real solid-state day and night vision to exacting standards.
To book a meeting at ISE contact:
Espen Olsen: espen@norxe.com

Emoderation rebrands to The Social Element, launches Emotional Resonance Analysis for brands

Social media agency Emoderation – which works with some of the biggest brands in the world – has rebranded to become The Social Element, and launched a new ‘Emotional Resonance Analysis’ service, the first under the new brand.
The rebrand from Emoderation to The Social Element reflects the massive growth in providing social media strategic, creative, and engagement services for brands such as KLM, Primark, Toyota and the Oprah Winfrey Network.
“I founded Emoderation in 2002, before Facebook, Twitter or YouTube existed,” says CEO and founder Tamara Littleton. “Our heritage is from those early days of working with branded communities, MMOGs and virtual worlds, and moderation and facilitation of communities was a big focus. Now, it is one element of what we do. Our world has for a number of years been firmly rooted in strategy, creative content, engagement and data and insight for brands’ social media.
“We cover everything from Facebook to Snapchat, consult our clients on the best approaches for them and give them the data and insight they need to make their social media campaigns stand out. We felt it was time our name, look and feel reflected that.”
The new Emotional Resonance Analysis service from The Social Element analyses how a brand connects emotionally with consumers and act on that information to create more meaningful connections. It uses data to analyse how people feel about a brand, examining emotions and intent such as love, passion, rage, joy, irritation or astonishment, and putting them into context. The Social Element’s team of experts provides the essential human analysis to give meaning to the data, turning it into actionable insight for the brand.
“If you understand how people truly feel about your brand that goes beyond traditional sentiment analysis, you can do something to either capitalise on it, or put it right,” says Blaise Grimes-Viort, Chief Services Officer for The Social Element. “You need to start with the data that tells you how people feel. Then you need human interpretation to extract meaningful and actionable insight. And then – most importantly – you need quick-thinking and creative people to act on that insight.”
The Social Element’s 350-strong team includes strategists and consultants, engagement specialists, content creators and designers, and data and insight analysts. The team is based all over the world, to create social media campaigns that deliver for global brands in more than 50 languages, across every continent.
To find out more, visit www.thesocialelement.agency.

New Online Startup Platform FutureDay.co to Launch

FutureDay.co is a young and growing startup company which incubates and accelerates startup businesses based anywhere in the world, remotely from Gibraltar.
A thriving startup scene generally exists in and around hubs like San Francisco, London or Berlin - as they have access to talent, capital and resources, which in many areas are simply unavailable. The company aims to solve this problem by offering startups a remote incubation opportunity, effectively becoming the Silicon Valley of the world. The group feels Gibraltar’s pro business environment, low tax, experienced service sector and familiar legal system would allow startups to flourish. For the small but popular and fast growing local economy this could offer a unique opportunity to de-risk Gibraltar from any potential Brexit crisis. Future Day could potentially create or preserve thousands of local jobs by scaling the company to provide resources to startup businesses from around the world.
Future Day will offer an experience similar to KickStarter which would allow startups to post their business plan and receive feedback from a community of mentors, investors and other entrepreneurs. The startup would then receive a ranking which indicates the community confidence in the startup. Successful candidates would be invited to join the incubation and funding program. All startups whether they are a local restaurant or internet based business can join. To learn more or to register your startup, visit FutureDay.co.
The remote startup incubator was founded by Alex Biet and a group of professionals based in Gibraltar. The group has 9 founding members, who are working to build the online startup platform. The group has received huge local support from Gibraltar and has already registered significant interest from over 10 countries, including Seattle, USA.
Future Day is happy to announce they've launched their first revenue generating business which is currently turning over £10,000 in monthly revenue, creating interactive online ads for online gaming companies. Other startups in the current programme include a mobile virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence technology, a social network for productivity, an e-commerce platform to help buyers make informed purchase decisions and a platform for bringing vinyl records to the collector's doorstep. Future Day expects the above businesses to be revenue generating within 6 months.
Future Day provides a unique solution as it incorporates a social aspect which helps startup businesses get feedback and validation before they launch. The group implements rigorous financial controls, which protects investors and prevents mismanagement of funds by having a deployment of capital in a very controlled manner. Future Day is currently in talks with a wide range of investors. The group plans to raise £100 million in capital over the next year.
Future Day is organising a private Demo Day event and Launch Party on December 1st, at the Sunborn Super Yacht Hotel in Gibraltar. The event will be opened by Gibraltar's Former Chief Minister and presently Minister of Economic Development and Inward Investment, The Hon. Joe Bossano.
For more information & developments visit FutureDay.co.