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iCASS Successfully Accredited As Part Of UK’s FAC/JTAC Training Programme

Close Air Solutions is pleased to announce the successful (full day/night) accreditation of the iCASS system as part of UK’s FAC/JTAC Training Programme. iCASS was delivered in partnership with Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company.
The iCASS based at JFACTSU, RAF Leeming has been recently accredited by the US Joint Fires Support Executive Steering Committee and NATO AIRCOM in order to replace up to 8 out of 12 live controls required annually by each qualified FAC/JTAC – a potentially massive saving in both time and money for UK MoD.
After the formal opening ceremony at RAF Leeming on 12 June, AOC 1 Group commented:
“The introduction of the iCASS system for UK FAC/JTAC training is yet another important step to realise an Optimal Live Synthetic Blend across Defence training. This capability will not only save money on needless live training, but will provide repeatable day/night training exactly tailored to the needs of the FAC training or currency.” Air Officer Commanding 1 Group, Air Vice-Marshal (2*) Gary M Waterfall CBE RAF Close Air Solutions offer a range of fixed and deployable Joint Fires simulator systems capable of replacing live flying controls.
“iCASS has passed the latest standard of JTAC simulator accreditation; the result is that we can now offer assured cost savings to our customer base, with crucially no compromise in training delivery.” said Mike Squires, Close Air Solutions’ Joint CEO.
About Close Air Solutions (CAS):
Close Air Solutions is a single source for international training and simulation services for all aspects of Close Air Support, Air Land Integration and Joint Fires communities. We design and integrate synthetic training systems and deliver training courses meeting NATO /US accreditation standards. Our flagship product is iCASSTM  (immersive Close Air Support Simulator).
iCASS is a registered trademark of Close Air Solutions Ltd.

New Integrated Biometrics System Extends Enterprise Access Control to the Data Centre and Other High-Security Settings

Combining BioConnect with Digitus server cabinet access control makes biometric identity management more effective and easier
ENTERTECH SYSTEMS and Digitus Biometrics have just announced a new technology partnership between ENTERTECH’S BioConnect identity management platform and the Digitus db Bus and db Cabinet Sentry for server cabinet access control. The result is a new, fully-integrated solution called db BioConnect.
The new db BioConnect lets company data centres, co-location data centres and IT room customers simplify biometric implementation, enrollment and management for access control of perimeter doors, interior rooms, cages and now server racks all integrated into one identity platform. This game-changing solution now extends enterprise access security platforms into the data centre, making investments in Access Control Management Systems far more economical and effective.
“Digitus Biometrics is the leader in providing biometric access control to the critical infrastructure market," said Rob Douglas, ENTERTECH SYSTEMS CEO. "With Digitus technology integrated to BioConnect, all 15 of our certified access control partners will now be able to offer it to their customers. For the first time, end users will have access to an integrated biometric solution that secures access control from the data centre entrance to the server cabinet instead of having to deal with stand-alone systems.” The list of BioConnect certified access control partners can be found at www.bioconnect.com/partners
ENTERTECH SYSTEMS’ BioConnect is the most advanced identity management platform on the global market today. Simple, secure and scalable, it provides Suprema biometric authentication across leading access control systems. As an application for security professionals, BioConnect helps enterprises successfully implement identity solutions by making deployment and use of biometrics easier than ever. BioConnect addresses deployment challenges by reducing costs, overcoming complexity and making it easier to on-board users. The platform provides seamless synchronization of data such as new cardholders, changes and deletions, and is tailor-made for enterprises where true identity is critical for secure access to physical facilities and software applications.
“Our biometric access control solutions are designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of clients," said David Orischak, Digitus Biometrics CEO. "This technology integration to create db BioConnect will let us offer a single, centralised, highly advanced access control solution that's easy to deploy and use. An industry first, our customers will be able to use one centralised system facility-wide to secure a company’s critical infrastructure and data."
db Bus ServerRack Access Control is designed for data centres needing to secure large volumes of server cabinets with only one small component per cabinet. A single db Bus controller allows the user to secure up to 32 racks with a single 48V power supply and may be infinitely scaled. db Cabinet Sentry is designed for data centres with a structured cabling scheme. It is Digitus’ most compact, cost-effective and energy-efficient means of securing server cabinets. This extremely versatile unit can be deployed in networked or stand-alone environments, using power over Ethernet (PoE) or an external power supply. db BioLock is a server cabinet lock that uses biometric identification with prints for up to 10 fingers per user. Through this new technology partnership, these db products will be integrated with BioConnect to create the new integrated db BioConnect solution.
“Digitus’ use of leading Suprema biometric technology in their server cabinet access control solutions is a natural fit for ENTERTECH SYSTEMS as the operating partner for Suprema in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland and Puerto Rico,” added Douglas.
“The implications to the market are significant," added Orischak. "The integrated db BioConnect solution can be used to manage any cabinet system where biometric access control is warranted – even SCIF’s and locked areas housing sensitive assets such as pharmaceuticals, hazardous materials, intelligence archives, customer and patient records, as well as critical IP.”
For more information on the db BioConnect integrated solution, visit www.bioconnect.com/db.
About Digitus Biometrics
Founded in 2005, Digitus Biometrics has become a market leader in access security solutions through its highly advanced fingerprint recognition technology, operating software and unique system configurations. Today, the company’s fourth-generation fingerprint recognition technology provides unparalleled access security to government, military, healthcare, educational and commercial facilities. Visit www.digitus-biometrics.com, call 912-231-8175 or email info@digitus-biometrics.com.  
About ENTERTECH SYSTEMS partnered with Suprema
ENTERTECH SYSTEMS provides market-leading intelligent identity management solutions to systems integrators in key markets, including critical infrastructure, enterprise, education, healthcare, public sector, financial services, retail, luxury high-rise condominiums and more. Our biometrics for IP access control systems and workforce management solutions are purpose-built to overcome the three main obstacles to mainstream adoption: cost, complexity and on-boarding users. And the company’s highly responsive, results-driven technical services team works with our certified partner network to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
ENTERTECH SYSTEMS is Suprema’s official operating partner in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Puerto Rico. The company offers Suprema’s family of #1-rated biometric devices (finger, face, card and PIN), next-generation IP access control system, biometric algorithm and SDK, and software products. The company’s industry-first BioConnect identity management platform enables Suprema’s biometric readers to be easily integrated with leading global access control systems. BioConnect is available worldwide through ENTERTECH SYSTEMS. For more information, visit www.bioconnect.com and www.entertechsystems.com
Any product names, logos, brands, and other trademarks featured or referred to above are the property of their respective trademark holders.

Mexican Gastronomy Honoured With Three Top Restaurant Awards At 2015 Global 50 Best Restaurants Awards

Growing recognition signals strong influence in the global gastronomy movement and its increasing contributions to the Mexican economy
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM. JUNE, 2015 - From lively markets and street food to rich traditional preparations and flavors and today’s modern gastronomy scene, Mexico has been heralded as a foodie’s paradise. This week, three of today’s most cutting edge restaurants, all in Mexico DF, were lauded for their modernity and creativity at the World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards held June 1st, at the Guildhall in London: Pujol, led by chef Enrique Olvera, Quitonil, by chef Jorge Vallejo, and Biko, by chef Mikel Alonso.
Chef Enrique Olvera saw his edgy Pujol move up four spots from last year to land at the 16th place. His way with taking the traditional and turning it into something new and unexpected take his gastronomy into adventurous territory, but chic as well. He elevates his menu to constantly explore and push the boundaries to expand into new gastronomical territory.
At 35th, we saw chef Jorge Vallejo’s star rise even more with his restaurant Quintonil. The focus is right up our alley: fresh seasonal ingredients, forgotten herbs and grans, and a whole lotta reinvented tradition in the process.
And in the 37th place, Chefs Mikel Alonso, Bruno Oteiza, Gerard Bellver saw their restaurant Biko recognized for their dazzling repertoire combining Basque flavors with Mexico’s fresh ingredients.
Three great choices that brought the house down and made Mexico land in the fourth spot on the global list of most awarded countries, tied with Italy and Peru, and following only the U.S., Spain, and France. The 50 Best Restaurants Academy celebrates restaurants around the world for their culinary prowess based on reviews by their 1,000 experts in international gastronomy.
All celebrations aside, it’s time to hit the streets and start trying new things. It’s what all these chefs did and inspired them to create great dishes. What are you waiting for? Just a curiosity: these three best restaurants are all in the same trendy neighborhood: Polanco District.
That said, see you soon!
Visit Mexico is part of the Mexico Tourism Board and our mission is to show the beauty of our country.

blueprint.tv releases new video and guide on video content marketing strategy for business

blueprint.tv, a leading video production and content marketing agency, has launched its new video and guide on Video Content Marketing. The video “A Video Content Marketing Strategy for Business” explains the process and strategy for developing video content online - a vital component for any business taking a content-led approach to their Marketing, IR and Communications.

The video gives an overview of how businesses can use cutting-edge techniques that enable content to be found on Google or seeded directly to the targeted audience, and how this will enhance a company’s brand, revenue and generate a successful ROI.

Mungo Park, MD of blueprint.tv said “Video is the best format for content marketing. It drives maximum engagement across all search and seeding metrics. Many companies are producing videos but neither deploying them correctly nor measuring the revenue and results they generate. We hope this film and guide goes some way in helping people understand how they can get the most from the content they create.”

The guide “An Introduction to Video Content Marketing for Business” demonstrates the power of video, and how to use the medium throughout the year to drive key marketing and comms campaigns. The guide includes:

  • Engagement stats

  • The VCM strategy planner

  • Content types

  • SEM / search & seeding

  • Methods & tactics enhanced by video


Notes to Editors:
To watch A Video Content Marketing Strategy for Business, please visit blueprint.tv/content-marketing

To receive a copy of this guide, please visit contentmarketing.blueprint.tv/an-introduction-to-video-content-marketing-for-business or contact the team in London on 020 7395 9760

For blueprint.tv media queries, please contact Mungo Park: +44 788 150 2657; mungo.park@blueprint.tv

About blueprint.tv:
blueprint.tv is a content marketing agency that specialise in video production and digital strategy. We focus on the strategy, design and production of original content. Our clients communicate and market through the moving image.
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