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Tenfold connectivity increase between Ukraine and European research and education network

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The research and education (R&E) communities in Ukraine will be better able to exchange and collaborate with their peers from around the world, following a tenfold increase in speed in the network link between Ukraine and the GÉANT pan-European R&E network.
By upgrading this link from 1 to 10 Gigabits per second in June 2017, the EU-funded Eastern Partnership Connect (EaPConnect) project and its Ukrainian partner URAN are fulfilling the goal of bringing a world-class R&E network to Eastern Partnership countries, in line with the European Neighbourhood policy that supports increased interconnectivity and economic development for the European Union and its neighbours.
The upgraded link between Ukraine and the GÉANT pan-European network is based on services provided by RETN (UK) and includes the following features:
  • a protected lambda service Kiev-Vienna – 10 Gbps
  • a protected ‘local tail’ in Kiev that provides good quality and high-availability service for URAN.
Opportunities for development and collaboration
This improved connectivity enhances the collaborative capabilities of researchers within the Eastern Partnership countries – Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova and Georgia – and allows them to participate in global research collaborations.
Researchers from Eastern Partnership countries will have the opportunity to explore how R&E networks and other e-infrastructures can support their work during the 2nd Eastern Partnership E-infrastructures Conference (EaPEC 2017), which will be hosted by UIIP NASB (BASNET) in Minsk on 27-28 September. The event will feature a keynote speaker from the Human Brain Project, presentations from the second regional Enlighten Your Research awards, and a focus on research and e-infrastructures for open science. Information and registration: https://www.eapconnect.eu/eapec/

OT-Morpho and ASPIDER-NGI Partner on eSIM Solutions

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ASPIDER-NGI, a leading provider of MVNE, IoT, connectivity and content solutions, today announced a partnership with OT-Morpho, a world leader in digital security and identification technologies.
The ASPIDER-NGI portfolio of fallback, bootstrap and operational profiles, SMS numbering and IoT eConnect (a preconfigured Service Delivery Platform to manage connectivity to the network from provisioning and activation to billing) will now be integrated to OT-Morpho’s eSIM and Subscription Management solution (SM-DP and SM-SR) to deliver out of the box solutions to their clients, including remote subscription provisioning to the devices.
The eSIM technology is significant not just because it supports remote management of the operator profiles used, but also because the manufacturer or enterprise can use it to better manage the device connectivity and manage it over the device lifetime in order to get the optimum QoS & coverage depending on specific location. In addition, the enterprise can control and manage the applications and security on the eSIM – and use it as a means to distribute and manage enterprise connectivity and applications. 

Norxe announces expansion of operations to Asia and the Americas

Fredrikstad, Norway. Norxe is pleased to announce the expansion of its business operations into Asia and the Americas. Through this expansion, Norxe strengthens its commitment to providing customers with the service excellence and close collaboration that have made them the partners of choice within the high-end projection industry. The expansion also brings new talent, Philip Hay of Singapore and Javier Delgado of Orlando, Florida, to the Norxe team.
“Our new initiative and talent take the Norxe team to the next level, allowing us to increase our responsiveness and innovation in the industry. Both Philip and Javier bring broad industry experience and exemplify Norxe’s values of innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurial spirit,” stated CEO Kjell Einar Olsen.
About Philip Hay
Prior to joining Norxe, Philip has been instrumental in developing sales and establishing and maintaining a strong and wide network of business relationships in Asia, particularly in China for ASK Proxima and projectiondesign. In his new role, he will help to build up the Norxe brand and develop strong sales and business partners in the usually mission-critical and demanding multi-channels display market.
“Philip has a proven record in the industry. His strong winning attitude and business acumen are assets that will complement and enhance the team,” says Espen Olsen, VP Global Sales.
Philip, who will be based in Singapore, looks forward to working with valued partners to grow Norxe sales success in Asia.
About Javier Delgado
Javier is a familiar face in the industry, as he brings many years of experience in the Simulation and Visualization markets and a strong reputation for partnership building and commitment to his customers’ success.
Commenting on the appointment, Espen Olsen stated: “We are delighted to have secured the services of Javier. Having worked with him previously for a number of years, I know that Javier’s excellent reputation within the industry is well justified. Javier will be essential to our development of new markets going forward.”
“I’m thrilled to join Norxe’s team of industry professionals who share my passion for innovation and excellence,” said Javier. “I look forward to bringing the strength of Norxe’s values to my new relationships throughout the Americas.”
About Norxe
Located in Fredrikstad, Norway, Norxe designs, manufactures, and markets unique projectors for demanding applications. Norxe combines in-house engineering expertise in optics, mechanics, electronics, and software. Projectors are built for performance and quality to provide real solid-state day and night vision to exacting standards.

Digital Days – 14 And 15 June 2017: Minister N. Schmit To Visit And Digital Immersion And Training Days At OneLife

LUXEMBOURG, 13 June 2017 – For its employees, OneLife launches a full digital training programme. Without waiting for the "Lëtzebuerg National Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition" on 29 May dedicated to bridging the gap in digital skills, OneLife sponsors its Digital Days on 14 and 15 June. It will be the starting point for a full digital training programme.
Over the last two years, OneLife has been transforming itself by making a solid investment in technology and people. Digital has become, in a decisive way, the cornerstone of its evolution.
Many projects have already been delivered in 2016, demonstrating OneLife's determination to make digital a part of its core business. With an even more demanding programme in 2017, numerous initiatives involving all members of the company will set the pace for the year. The main project is the digitisation of on-boarding: the RegTech (KYC/AML) to start with, and a digital signature under construction.
This programme will kick off with the "OneLife Digital Days" on 14 and 15 June 2017.
Two full days to raise our employees' awareness of what the digital world of tomorrow will be like and its major impact on the job market.
Marc Stevens, CEO of OneLife, stresses that "OneLife is investing to bridge the gaps in understanding about digital and what it can concretely bring to the everyday life of each employee."
Day 1, 14 June: OneLife employees will have the opportunity in a fun learning environment to fly drones, try out 3D printers and to immerse themselves in virtual and augmented reality. The CEO of Vigo Universal, Christophe Hermanns, will host the conference, with a goal of taking stock of what myth and reality mean and what new technologies really will change. (In May, L’Echo named him as one of 10 Belgians who will change the man/machine ratio: https://issuu.com/detijdlecho/docs/avant-garde).
Christophe Regnault, Digital Marketing Manager, says: "Digital? It's all about people. More than a slogan, it's a reality. It is essential that digital is shared by all our employees so that the digital dynamic is an integral part of everyone's contribution."
Day 2, 15 June: Through workshops focused on the financial sector, employees will be able to professionally integrate the reality of the digital revolution in their work. All the challenges that OneLife wishes to help its employees meet -- BlockChain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, chatbots, Reg Tech, digital signatures -- represent the next steps in its digital roadmap.
Nasir Zubairi, CEO of LHoFT (Luxembourg House of FinTech), will share his experiences on integrating disruptive technologies in the financial sector.
Minister Nicolas Schmit will close the day by recalling Luxembourg's goals for digital training and the importance of private sector initiatives such as Digital Days.
That's why OneLife will open up a MOOC-type training platform for all its employees to meet the challenge of training in the digital age.
For more information please contact:
Michele Nerantzis
Marketing Communication Manager
The OneLife Company SA
T: +352 45 67 30 4316
E: michele.nerantzis@onelife.eu.com
Christophe Regnault
Digital Marketing Manager
The OneLife Company SA
T: +352 45 67 30 4363
E : christophe.regnault@onelife.eu.com
About OneLife
OneLife exists to overturn conventional attitudes to life assurance. As a specialist in this area with over 25 years’ experience, we develop cross-border financial planning solutions for Ultra High Net Worth, High Net Worth, and High Affluent clients across Europe and beyond.
Whether it’s a question of long-term savings, inheritance planning, or simply understanding how to better manage your wealth, we are dedicated to providing sophisticated, compliant and innovative solutions that are crafted to suit each individual and their evolving needs.
Together with a solid network of select partners — including private banks, family offices and independent financial advisors — our dynamic team of international experts offer a fresh approach that helps understand and anticipate the needs of wealthy clients in a world of change.
With €5bn in assets under management, OneLife is owned by J.C. Flowers & Co — one of the leading investment firms in the international finance industry.

OneDeploy disputes need for NHS to use more capital expenditure on new devices & the latest Windows Operating Systems to prevent repeat of ransomware attacks

Upgrading to the very latest Windows operating systems, to reduce the risk of continued exposure to ransomware attacks such as WannaCry that hit the NHS over the weekend, should not demand any new capital spending, said enterprise Windows deployment product provider OneDeploy. Furthermore, this upgrade work, complete with deployment of the very latest security patches, can be completed across a vast range of types and ages of device in a matter of hours, remotely and without tying up significant in-house IT resources.
It means that this much-needed security hardening work can be paid for out of the NHS’ operational expenditure – contrary to arguments being put forward by many commentators in the national newspapers and broadcast media this morning.
This is the message from the head of Windows Deployment provider OneDeploy Limited, Mike Davies, whose company provides a unique, build-based, remote Windows deployment and upgrade offering.
OneDeploy makes light work of remote Windows deployments across even the largest enterprise, legacy and new, hardware estates. It has already been used successfully by public sector bodies as well as blue chip enterprises such as David Lloyd Leisure, Berry Bros. and Rudd, and Day Lewis Pharmacy group.
Mike Davies, managing director, OneDeploy said:
“The NHS does not need to spend a fortune on new hardware or mass upgrades to Windows 10 tomorrow to keep all current hardware secure from future cyber-attacks.
“We need to nail the lie being peddled by many large IT hardware distributors and vendors that, in order to keep IT working well in cash-strapped public sector organisations, you need to have the latest hardware in order to run the latest operating systems running on all devices.
“We work with many companies which have a diverse mix of hardware, using different drivers and applications according to operational requirements of a specific group of users. We help large firms upgrade to a new operating system on existing legacy devices in their own time, while often deploying the latest operating systems on new devices in a different part of the organisation which demands that.”
OneDeploy is a highly mature Windows deployment solution designed to help companies support a range of old and new desktop and mobile devices, migrating them to new operating systems, including Windows 10, all with minimal to zero engineer ‘attended time’.
No matter what hardware or form factor you use, or how many machines or mobile devices are involved, OneDeploy delivers a sophisticated, yet fully-automated, Windows user experience through even the largest Windows deployments, allowing you to:
  • Reduce Windows deployment times by as much as 80% compared to what IT departments are used to
  • Avoid hardware vendor lock-in often associated with inflexible imaging solutions
  • Avoid constantly playing catch-up as standard images quickly become out of date, creating cycles of repair after OS upgrades, leading to loss of user productivity and frustration
  • Enable remote deployments in remote / branch locations 
  • Create brand consistency across your network
  • Ensure corporate IT security levels are maintained everywhere
Notes to Editors:
A Freedom in Information enquiry by RES published in February found that 88 of the UK’s 260 NHS trusts had been hit by ransomware between mid-2015 and the end of 2016. Imperial College Healthcare suffered 19 attacks in 12 months. When Papworth Hospital was hit in autumn 2016, its four IT staff worked from 1am to 9pm on a Sunday to restore the systems from backups; it had no budget to pay the ransom (and wouldn’t want to). “If we’d been doing a heart operation on a Sunday, it would have been a huge problem,” Jane Berezynskyj, Papworth’s IT director, later said.
For further information about OneDeploy, please contact:
Mike Davies, Managing Director, OneDeploy
Tel: 01462 322160. Email: mike@onedeploy.com
You can find this story at: http://www.onedeploy.com/2017/05/15/od-reaction-to-ransomware-attack/
For all OneDeploy media and media sales enquiries, including requests for images, please contact:
Miles Clayton, Agility PR Limited
Tel: 01992 587439 Email: miles@agilitypr.co.uk