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Bwtech joins the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

Google Cloud migration makes Assurance Platform NetChart ready for massive 5G networks
London (UK), Belo Horizonte (Brazil), 6/30/2021. Bwtech, a leading provider of end-to-end performance monitoring and optimization solutions for the mobile communication industry, announces it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. As a Google Cloud global build partner, Bwtech moves its network assurance and optimization platform NetChart to Google Cloud’s platform.
With the migration, NetChart will be moved to a future-proof refactored architecture, allowing extreme scalability to handle mobile network data at the volume of petabytes. The new architecture improves data reliability and integrity, while increasing fault tolerance. Other advantages are the reduced latency, allowing network monitoring in almost real time, and the increased performance for end users.
The migration to Google Cloud’s platform will be completed in Q3 2021. At the end of the process, NetChart will be compatible with other applications, including Google Cloud native products such as BigQuery, Dataproc, AI Platform, and Data Studio. Bwtech’s integrations will allow its customers to enjoy new business opportunities, performing machine learning at scale and advanced BI analytics for visualization, reporting, and monetization of the network data collected by the platform.
“Mobile network sizes are growing at the speed of light, especially once 5G technology is introduced. With the new architecture based on Google Cloud, NetChart platform will be able to handle a huge amount of performance, configuration, alarm, call trace, MDT, and CDR data and offer near-real time analytics at a higher performance. In addition, the adoption of CI/CD pipelines will bring significant agility to our deployments, allowing us to meet increasing demands at speed,” says Flavio Buratto, CEO of Bwtech.
Bwtech’s NetChart platform allows automation of service assurance by correlating different data sources for all network domains, using machine learning to identify root causes of network issues. With the refactoring and migration to Google Cloud’s platform, Bwtech’s platform becomes more scalable, secure, robust, and easier to integrate with other solutions – a platform ready to support MNOs in the task of monitoring and assuring massive 5G network deployments.
This new product upgrade is an additional step toward NetChart’s vision to simplify mobile network monitoring and optimization.
About Bwtech
Bwtech is an innovative provider of end-to-end performance optimization solutions for Mobile Operators, Managed Service Providers, Telecom Regulators, and MVNE/Os.
Bwtech’s main product, NetChart, is a web-based solution developed for end-to-end optimization and assurance of mobile networks covering the RAN, Backhaul, Core, IP, and VAS. NetChart’s modules include Configuration Management, Performance Monitoring, Fault Management and Geolocation for 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, and IoT Technologies.
Several Telecommunication Providers trust Bwtech solutions for mission- critical activities, such as real- time Network Monitoring, Network Quality reporting, NOC and SOC operations, Capacity Planning, and E2E Network Optimization.
For more information, visit www.bwtech.com or contact us at hello@bwtech.com.

Lonsdale Rail Awarded £8m Paddington Square fit-out

Mace has awarded Lonsdale Rail, part of the Michael Lonsdale Group, the MEPFC LUL fit-out for the Paddington Square development.
Works will integrate London Underground's existing Bakerloo Line tube station at Paddington, with a new entrance underneath the Paddington Cube building. The new tube entrance is part of a £65m investment in transport and public realm on the Paddington Square development.
John Kennedy, Project Director at Mace, is "delighted to have Lonsdale Rail on board with Mace at Paddington Square for the complex area of the LUL demise MEP. Michael J Lonsdale's experience with LUL will be a significant contribution to the success of the project."
The 360,000 sq ft Paddington Cube building will sit on a three-storey podium 12m above the newly created 1.35-acre public realm, connecting it directly to the London Underground network.
Lonsdale Rail will complete the design from RIBA stage 5 and fulfil the manufacture, delivery, offload, distribution, installation, testing and commissioning for the mechanical, electrical, fire, public health and communications fit-out packages. London Underground, Mace and all stakeholders will benefit from a bespoke collaboration blueprint developed by Lonsdale Rail to ignite a more efficient way of working together. Lonsdale Rail will also provide dedicated in-house design, logistics and commissioning teams taking a proactive role in managing the entire M&E process.
Works will commence in November 2020, with site works proceeding in April 2021, looking for project completion in May 2022.
Michael Lonsdale Group
The Michael Lonsdale Group is the UK’s leading multi-discipline building, engineering and M&E services provider – it is our job to bring buildings to life by creating the right environment.
Lonsdale Rail
As part of our continued growth, we have recently launched Lonsdale Rail. Focused on the rail sector, we continue to target projects with an emphasis on quality and engineering led solutions. We have a core team of Project Managers, Engineers and Supervisors who are experienced in delivering projects to the highest standards set out in this sector. The team are supported by our integrated direct labour workforce. We are fully RISQS audited/verified and Sentinel/PTS accredited enabling us to take on trackside (on/near the line) as well as ‘high street’ (station) works.

The Office Providers Discovers the Most Socially-Distanced Office... On Mars

Office space search agency, The Office Providers, believes that they may have found the ultimate socially-distanced office location…on Mars.
The Office Providers set off on the Perseverance Rover in July 2020 and landed 6 months later, a few weeks ago.
The company believes that as an office location, although “secondary and non-prime”, it is, by far, the most socially-distanced.
Managing Director of The Office Providers, Mike Gardener, admitted, “Ok, so we didn’t actually go to Mars – but we did go virtually, though, by having our name etched onto the rocket as part of NASA’s ‘Send Your Name’ project”.
He also conceded that the 6-month commute, lack of resources, high levels of radiation and minimal oxygen supply would likely be seen as drawbacks for many.
He stated, “for the time being, we are planning to stick to sourcing Covid-compliant flexible offices and workspaces in all locations on Earth, instead, as we’re good at that”.
The Office Providers is a free-to-use flexible office and workspace search agency that works with office providers in all locations (on Earth) helping businesses find the perfect flexible workplace solution.

Appeal Court reaffirms P1 is 100% Norxe technology

Verdict from Appeal Court reaffirms P1 is 100% Norxe technology, in collaboration with strategic partners.
Fredrikstad District Court has wholly acquitted Norxe and its employees from all essential allegations in a judgement dated June 17th, 2019, following a lawsuit by Barco NV and Barco Fredrikstad AS against Norxe AS and 10 of its employees, The Court stated, amongst others, that:
“It has been clarified and acknowledged by the plaintiffs that P1 does not build on Barco technology. P1 is developed within a normal time period from scratch but with assistance from major suppliers like Philips and Texas Instruments.”
“P1 seems to have been successful and chosen by several customers. The court regards this as a normal and good competition in the market and for the best of customers. Norxe offers a product that customers see as better than Barco’s and that comes with a long warranty.”
In a recent verdict from Borgarting Appeal Court dated February 11th, 2021 -), the Appeal Court reaffirms that Norxe P1 is 100% Norxe technology in collaboration with strategic partners. The Appeal Court categorically acquitted Norxe and its employees of all claims made by Barco and found that it was in actually Barco who had acted in violation of good business practice towards Norxe, defaming their good name and reputation by making various serious and untrue allegations concerning the illegal use of intellectual property etc. in the market.
The Appeal Court stated, inter alia, that: "It is the Appeal Court's impression that Barco actively sought out potential customers of Norxe and gave information that was negative and untrue. […]. The information Barco gave is not compatible with the standards of good business practice".
Thus, the Appeal Court found that Barco is liable for any economic loss their behavior has inflicted upon Norxe. Though Barco's legal liability has been established, the level of financial loss will be subject to negotiations or new legal proceedings.
Norxe CEO Kjell Einar Olsen commented that the more than three years long litigation process initiated by Barco, has finally come to a conclusion by the Borgarting Appeal Court. “We will now focus 100% on developing, manufacturing and selling our unique projectors to select and demanding partners world-wide. We owe our partners a great appreciation for standing alongside and supporting us through these difficult times and the increased strength in relationships that this support has forged. Our team has been brilliantly resilient through this whole ordeal and we can now focus all of our energy back into positive growth, customer delivery and support.”
Vice President Global Sales, Espen Olsen, commented that “Despite the very challenging campaign Barco instigated against us in the market, we have been able to successfully grow our sales since the P1 was introduced in November 2016, and more recently the P2 RGB LASER projector. There is no doubt that we make a major difference with our partners regarding our products, people and behavior. While we are clearly ahead of competition with the P1 and P2, we now look forward to introducing a new range of even higher performance native 4K projectors that will again raise the bar and strengthen our product portfolio.”
About Norxe
Norxe is designing, manufacturing and selling specialized projectors for demanding applications. Our products are 100% designed and manufactured in Fredrikstad, Norway, by skilled craftsmen that are pioneers in the projection industry. Our QTPC quality philosophy is never compromised. We have an international sales organization to ensure local support and service to our customers across the globe. Norxe is 100% owned by the employees, ensuring the very best dedication to product development, manufacturing and customer support and service. Our pride is in our people and in our products.

The 'Tell Someone You Love Them' campaign and the rise of the socially distant experience

Launching the #TellSomeoneYouLoveThem2021 campaign
Verbier, Switzerland February 12, 2021
What is the campaign about?
It is simple, it’s about telling someone you love them, capturing the experience & sharing the love – There is also a creative Instagram photo competition with a fabulously exclusive prize – a night for two in a 4*hotel and a luxuriously alpine champagne and paraglide experience. The campaign is hosted on the Above & Beyond VIP website https://aboveandbeyondvip.com/tellsomeoneyoulovethem2021/
What is it asking, and who is it asking?
With Valentine’s Day upon us, now is when people think about telling someone special they love them. We are asking anyone and everyone, not just couples, from all over the world to tell at least one person they love and appreciate them. It doesn’t have to be in the romantic sense, it could be to a very good friend, close family member, a pet or even someone you work with.
The aim?
Everyone deserves to hear the three short words, ‘I Love you’. Telling someone you love them only takes a second but the joy and pleasure it brings is priceless and can last forever – the aim of the campaign is for everyone to experience this feeling. It doesn’t need to be said face-to-face nor in a romantic sense either – it is the ultimate Socially Distant Experience for all. The aim of the campaign is that everyone, not just couples, should tell at least one person they love and appreciate them.
Why the campaign?
The last 12 months has been hard for everyone, being away from loved ones, losing someone close, not just from Covid, but here in the Alps from avalanches too – this campaign is something positive. You shouldn’t just wait to say I Love You on Valentine’s Day, you should say it whenever you think it as you never know when it might be too late.
The Instagram competition
Win a night in a 4* boutique hotel with a luxury champagne experience and paraglide flight for two in the exclusive ski resort of Verbier, Switzerland.
The competition is a fun way to entice people to get creative and take part in the campaign and to ‘spread the love’, however it is also a way of documenting the wonderful moments and memories of people telling others they love them.
The competition asks for participants to:
Say, write, draw, shout or even whisper those three words.
Saying ‘I love you’ means so much, to both the person saying it and the person hearing it.
Take a photo that captures the experience or find a pic of a past special and intimate memory, it should communicate the experience, be creative and fun.
*If you are taking a new pic, remember to respect the latest Covid regulations for your area or country.
Share across social media and hashtag the pic #TellSomeoneYouLoveThem2021
To have a chance of winning the prize @mention and follow the @TellSomeoneYouLoveThem2021 feed on Instagram, failure to do this means no entry.
The prize consists of:
The judging process:
The extremely talented adventure travel photographer Melody Sky will be judging the pictures and will choose one lucky winner.
Melody be judging the photos based on:
  • Creativity
  • sense of fun
  • how the #TellSomeoneYouLoveThem2021 experience is communicated
The competition will run from 9am CET 14th February 2021 to 9pm CET 28th February 2021 – to enter the competition, participants must tag their pictures with #TellSomeoneYouLoveThem2021 and @mention the @TellSomeoneYouLoveThem2021 Instagram feed – if they don’t @mention the feed, they won’t be entered into the competition. To have a chance of their photo being featured on the competition feed, participants will also need to follow the Instagram profile @TellSomeoneYouLoveThem2021.
Melody Sky will select the winner during the week following the competition.
The lucky winner will be contacted within a week after the competition close date and will also be announced on the Instagram feed @TellSomeoneYouLoveThem2021.
*The prize will be available for use up until December 20th 2021, Terms and conditions for the competition and the prize are at the bottom of the page https://aboveandbeyondvip.com/tellsomeoneyoulovethem2021
The #TellSomeoneYouLoveThem2021 campaign isn’t just for Valentine’s Day, it’s for life
The rise of the Socially Distant Experience
Above & Beyond VIP defines a Socially Distant Experience as a special and intimate moment shared between two or more people, such as a close friend, a family member, a husband or wife, it could even be a pet or someone you work with - someone who is important, who makes you smile, someone who makes getting up in the morning worthwhile.
Long before Covid and Social Distancing was a thing, Above & Beyond VIP was organising luxuriously alpine socially distant experiences and while Covid regulations will (hopefully) become a thing of the past, intimate, socially distant experiences are here to stay.
“While Covid coined the term 'social distancing', it doesn't have to define its meaning for the future.” Says Above & Beyond Founder Sophia Heneage.
Luxuriously alpine socially distant experiences
“Before Covid-19 and social distancing, we had started to notice a shift away from people wanting big weddings or large anniversary and birthday parties, and our clients were moving towards wanting intimate experiences they could share with loved ones, so we adapted our experiences to reflect this.
Weddings for a couple plus two witnesses, anniversaries and birthdays shared with best pals instead of hundreds of friends – these are the experiences that we now call ‘socially distant experiences'.
Once Covid restrictions die down, while some may go back to crowded nightclubs and large parties, socially distant experiences will remain.
Small, intimate experiences in fresh alpine air away from the masses; flying to remote parts of the mountain; ice bars with epic views of snow-capped peaks and sun-kissed valleys; proposing on a glacier with champagne and roses; romantic picnics in the snow – these are just some of the things that we organise for clients.” adds Sophia.
“Our 'socially distant experiences' in the Alps are romantic, exciting, luxurious and exclusive, we love organising them and we love it even more when people tell each other they love them!”
For more information watch the video below, see the company Instagram profile @aboveandbeyondvip_alps or Visit the homepage www.aboveandbeyondvip.com.
*Above & Beyond VIP is a division of Above & Beyond Sarl and is based in Verbier Switzerland. All Above & Beyond experiences are subject to the latest Covid rules and regulations
#TellSomeoneYouLoveThem2021'- Social Distancing in the Alps video https://youtu.be/tsosfBAhN4w
Above & Beyond VIP creates and organises Luxuriously Alpine Socially Distant Experiences. www.aboveandbeyondvip.com
Romantic Moments; Celebrations; Luxury Hotels and Chalets; Outdoor Catering and Ice Bars; Alpine Adventures; VIP Corporate Trips; Micro-Events; Private Jet, Helicopter and Tesla Transfers.