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iPad2 launch triggers flurry of Apple and iPad related press releases - PRFilter Technology PR Rankings March 2011


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PRFilter Technology PR Rankings - Brands March 2011
PRFilter Technology PR Rankings - Brands March 2011
PRFilter Technology PR Rankings - Topics March 2011
PRFilter Technology PR Rankings - Topics March 2011
Adam Parker
Adam Parker

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Press releases prominently mentioning Apple and/or iPad were among the biggest risers in the PRFilter Technology PR Rankings for March 2011 mainly due to stories that were related to, or written to tie in with, the launch of the iPad2.

The Rankings compiled by RealWire analyse the technology brands, topics and products that are mentioned the most in the tens of thousands of press releases from multiple aggregated sources that PRFilter indexes each month.

March 2011 Highlights

  • Microsoft and Facebook still occupy the top two positions in the brands table with similar activity levels to February 2011.

  • Releases mentioning “cloud” technologies and “websites” still the most popular with increases in activity levels in both cases.

  • Significant increase in releases mentioning Apple (48 per cent increase) mainly due to iPad2 tie in releases which also resulted in iPad rising to 5th in the topics table with 92 per cent more activity.

  • Google highest riser (up six positions to 5th) in the Top 10 with 50 per cent more mentions in March 2011 compared to February 2011, bringing mentions back in line with January 2011 levels.

  • Nintendo (17th) and Nintendo DS (45th) new entries in the brands and topics tables respectively due to tie in releases relating to launch of 3DS.

  • Other notable increases in topic mentions for “broadband” (+30 per cent), “satellite” (+35 per cent) and new entry “ebooks” (+105 per cent)

A presentation of the full details of the Top 25 technology brands and the Top 50 technology topics/products can be found here.

In order to be counted the brands, topics or products have to be mentioned prominently within a release by appearing near the start of the story and appearing more than once.

Commenting on March’s rankings Adam Parker, chief executive of RealWire said “The launches of the iPad2 and to a lesser extent the Nintendo 3DS lead to a significant amount of PR activity from companies seeking to capitalise on the resulting conversation about these brands and products.

“While publications will be seeking different angles the potential for over-supply of PR content around key stories such as these is high. This month’s figures suggest that PROs should therefore think carefully about whether their story is likely to get lost in the frenzy of conversation that follows such high-profile announcements.”

This is the second monthly rankings that RealWire has produced and the data analysed was the highest yet with 65,000 press releases being indexed during March. Earlier in April RealWire also used PRFilter’s data to analyse the timing of when press release announcements are made finding that a quarter of press releases are sent out “on the hour”.

Notes to editors
The PRFilter Technology PR Rankings for March 2011 were based on an analysis of 64,995 press releases from March 2011 and 50,718 press releases from February 2011 indexed by PRFilter.

Brands, topics or products must be mentioned in the first 20 terms used in the releases (excluding common words such as “a”, “the” etc) and must also appear more than once in the release.

Where the number of releases which mention a brand, topic or product are the same the average prominence of the mentions is used to distinguish them.

About PRFilter
PRFilter (Patent Pending*) from RealWire finds the press releases journalists and bloggers want to see. It provides one tool to efficiently find stories out of thousands it aggregates each day. Its innovative, Active Interest Technology™ builds a personalised profile of individual journalists’ and bloggers’ interests from their own, or their publication's, published articles.

Releases from multiple distribution sources are collected, aggregated, matched and ranked against these profiles in near real-time. Public users can search for relevant releases or view the releases assessed as most relevant to particular topics. Registered users can access their own personalised results and teach PRFilter to better understand their interests by providing feedback on releases shown. Senders of releases benefit because their stories are likely to be seen by genuinely interested journalists or bloggers, rather than becoming lost in inboxes.

Answers to FAQs can be found here.

*Patents Pending: European patent application No. 09168495.1, International patent application No. PCT/GB2009/051048, and UK patent application No. 1003104.5

About RealWire
RealWire is a press release distribution company that specialises in the online media. Since its inception in 2000 it has worked on behalf of PR agency and corporate clients throughout the UK and Europe. The company is UK based and distributes news to relevant journalists, editors, bloggers and publishers across thousands of online media sites which cover a range of industries including Telecoms, IT, Consumer Tech, Gaming, Broadcast, Pharma/Healthcare and Banking and Finance.

It provides a unique service by not only distributing news and multimedia content, but by also providing clients with analysis of the potential influence that their news has generated online. RealWire was the first UK distribution company to introduce the Social Media News Release - a new kind of press release to cater for the online media world.


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