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Army Launch ‘Keep Fit Audio’ To Motivate Brits Into Shape

Demotivated Brits struggling to keep fit are set to receive some personal attention, courtesy of a new initiative launched by the British Army today. ‘Army Fit: Personal', a downloadable audio fitness aide featuring Army Physical Training Corps Instructors will see the Army's motivational expertise recorded and available to the public for the first time.

This novel fitness drive is being supported by athletics legend and Olympic medallist Kriss Akabusi who was in the Army Physical Training Corps for fifteen years. His trademark motivational talent features on the podcasts. 

These podcasts provide free, motivational support when people work-out as well as providing valuable support for recruits getting themselves ready for Army assessment.

A survey released today reveals that cost, time and lack of motivation are the biggest barriers to exercise for most Brits.  Around half of people say they do minimal exercise as there's no one to motivate them or they find exercising on their own boring.  

Combining fitness expertise, companionship and motivation, Army Fit: Personal allows listeners to take advantage of the Army's unique and highly motivational style of working out.  Listeners will be provided with guidance from their own ‘personal Army trainer' for a variety of 40-minute workouts, designed as an alternative to the gym or paid-for fitness programmes.

Sergeant Paul Tucker from the Army Physical Training Corps comments: "This year will mark the 150th anniversary of our Corps and we're delighted to kick if off with this new initiative.  For years the public has been telling us how much they respect our fitness expertise, but it's the benefit of our motivational ability they really crave.   To answer this we have developed these audio podcasts available via armyfit.mod.uk so the public can benefit from the encouragement of our instruction any time and anywhere."

The research also shows that good intentions formed around New Year often fizzle out as early as Valentine's Day.  With around 84% of people planning a New Year's health kick, the Army hope to help more people stick to their resolutions in 2010.

Kriss Akabusi comments, "This research shows how much us Brits need some free and easily available support to motivate them to keep fit, and who better to do this than the British Army. I loved my time with the Physical Training Corps and I've never forgotten all I learnt about motivating people, awooga!"

Head to armyfit.mod.uk to download the podcasts, giving you access to your Army Fit: Personal training experience.

Survey Summary: 1,483 people in the UK

84% of people are planning a New Year's health kick (26% getting fit, 36% losing weight, 21% improving your diet)

A third of UK adults actively avoid exercise

  • 34% rarely or never exercise
  • 50% exercise at least once a week

Nearly a quarter of people say they do minimal exercise as there's no one to keep motivating them

  • 32% can't find the time
  • 26% find exercising on my own boring
  • 23% struggle with the lack of motivation from others

29% of those who don't regularly exercise would train more if they had their own personal trainer to drive and motivate them

  • 25% just want simple, free exercise advice
  • 25% want a flexible programme specifically tailored to their level
  • 29% crave a personal trainer to drive and motivate them

22% of people have cancelled a gym membership at some stage, whilst 57% have never belonged to a gym

65% of those who cancelled their gym membership did so because of cost

A third (33%) of people have at some stage failed to achieve fitness goals they have set themselves

37% of us give up by the end of January, and 51% of us give up by Valentines' Day!

24% of people get distracted when working out

29% of people get distracted thinking about work and money issues, whilst others think about food and love (15% and 13% respectively)

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