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The new Lissted helps you discover who has real clout


Adam Parker
Chief Executive
+44 (0)7810 837193
Twitter: @adparker



Adam Parker
Adam Parker
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Today, Lissted opens the door to a new way to find relevant people online, focusing on real world authority instead of a 100% online, algorithmic soup. Lissted is about relevance over influence, small data over big data and the power of humans over machines.

Until now, most social listening tools took a big data approach: record everything, then desperately try to filter the noise. Lissted starts with human-moderated lists of the people who really matter to an industry -- whether journalists, politicians or brands themselves. From here, its algorithm maps their relationships to other accounts and predicts who they also listen to.

The result is a fuller picture of who speaks authoritatively about an industry, not based on 100% internet-defined machine signals but derived from the seeds of a more powerful source: real world relevance. Lissted helps anyone discover the most relevant conversations among the most relevant people to them.

Try the new Lissted for yourself

How can I use the new Lissted?

  • Journalists can find new sources and be alerted as stories break on Twitter

  • PRs can quickly research areas, find hidden influencers and relevant conversation

  • Politicians can escape the Westminster bubble and track real people alongside media

Writing in the Guardian earlier this year, Rufus Pollock, Founder and Co-Director of the Open Knowledge Foundation, said: “Size in itself doesn't matter – what matters is having the data, of whatever size, that helps us solve a problem or address the question we have.”

For Adam Parker, Lissted’s Founder, this gets right to the heart of the challenge: "There’s an inherent seduction with data that just because we can access it, we feel we have to. But what if the problem can be solved effectively with a smaller data set? We firmly believe just throwing more signals at the problem is not the answer.”

"It’s starting to seem like many early movers in 'online influence' are now more interested in the value of their users' data to marketers than solving the problem of who's worth listening to. Our intent is clear, focused and aligned with our users: help them discover and monitor relevant people online to engage more effectively."

About Lissted
Lissted helps you discover and monitor relevant people online using real world authority to engage more effectively. Its superhuman approach learns who matters by combining human knowledge and experience with the power of machines, to deliver clear, actionable insight.

From PR professionals to journalists, politicians and more, anyone can now discover the most relevant conversations among the most relevant people to them.


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