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The VANGUARD brand wins its 7th and 8th TIPAs in HALF a decade!


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TIPA Awards 2013 logo
TIPA Awards 2013 logo
Quovio 41
Quovio 41

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IMAGE: ABEO Pro 283CGH All Terrain Feet
IMAGE: Quovio 41 New Divider System

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TIPA’s Best Tripod 2013 Award for the ABEO Pro 283CGH and TIPA’s Best Photo Bag 2013 Award for the Quovio 41

“A winning product should prove to be the very best in its category” according to TIPA – and for the seventh and eighth time in half a decade, Vanguard’s innovative products have proven just that. The ABEO Pro 283CGH tripod kit, which has already won awards earlier in the year, and the Quovio 41 photo bag have been praised once again for their brilliant quality – this time by receiving the prestigious TIPA association’s covetous awards.

Along with winning TIPA’s Best Tripod 2013 Award and Best Photo Bag 2013 Award, now Vanguard also has the honour of being able to use the TIPA logo – ensuring the public that they can trust the quality, performance, and value of the ABEO Pro 283CGH and Quovio 41. This year’s winners get to follow six other Vanguard products which have won since 2009: the Alta Pro tripod series won “Best Accessory 2009”; the Up-Rise bag series won “Best Camera Bag 2010”; the Skyborne bag series won “Best Camera Bag 2011”; the Auctus Plus 323CT won “Best Tripod 2011”; The Heralder bag series won “Best Photo Bag 2012”; and the BBH-200 ball head won “Best Accessory 2012”. In just the last half decade, that makes a total of eight Vanguard products which now proudly display the illustrious TIPA Awards logo. As TIPA says, since their awards are only given after extensive research by experienced experts in the field, “when you buy a product distinguished with a TIPA Awards logo, you can be sure you are buying the very best.”

The experienced editors from TIPA’s 27 photography and imaging magazine members use their expertise to test and review any and all new photo, video, and imaging products that have emerged throughout the previous year. Their General Assembly requires that all of its active members attend the annual meeting in order to vote on the awards. This year, the members met in Hong Kong to vote on awards from April 18th-21st. Then they independently vote basing their decision on the five key aspects of innovation, leading-edge technology, design and ergonomics, ease-of-use, and the product’s price to performance ratio.

TIPA Awards 2013 Official Product Citations
Both Vanguard’s ABEO Pro 283CGH tripod kit and its Quovio 41 photo bag excel in TIPA’s judging aspects and proved to be award-winning products worthy of TIPA members’ votes.

About the Vanguard ABEO Pro 283CGH tripod kit’s Best Tripod win, TIPA explained that, “[t]he carbon fibre Vanguard ABEO Pro Kit, model 283CGH, includes the company’s GH-300T ‘pistol’ grip head with built-in remote shutter release control. The head features dual panning axes and features a 72-click-point panning base. The tripod’s multi-angle centre column allows users to move the column from 0 to 180 degrees both vertical and horizontal, plus features an easily set and released locking system. The legs feature quick-flip locks and variable angle sets, from 25 to 80 degrees, plus the ‘3-in-1’ all terrain feet allow for a firm stance with angled rubber, spike, and sand/snow ‘shoe’ options.”

TIPA described their Best Photo Bag winner, Vanguard’s Quovio 41, as well. “Designed for the working pro and enthusiast, the Vanguard Quovio 41 shoulder bag is a well-padded carrier that features a Quick Access main opening to enable ready access to gear by pulling on its large handle. It can hold a semi-pro camcorder as well as a pro DSLR camera and kit, with configurable sections and a dual, built-in tripod holder. There are two mesh pouches for wires and accessories, plus a trolley attachment loop for moving through city streets and airports. The bag has a water-resistant base with ‘anti-shock feet,’ rain cover and incorporates a compartment for up to a 14-inch laptop.”

TIPA and the TIPA award
“TIPA Awards are recognized as the most coveted photo and imaging awards worldwide.” The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) is a prestigious international, non-profit association of expert photography and imaging magazines. They allow all manufacturers of photo, video, and imaging products to submit their new products for consideration throughout the year and then the 27 member magazines, which cover a range of backgrounds and expertise, test and review them. Since TIPA believes that “giving an award to a product is a matter of experience, technical honesty, independence, and responsibility”, they appoint a Technical Committee which conducts extensive research evaluations into competitor products before following intricate guidelines to prepare a list of award category nominees. Each year, the General Assembly of the member magazines’ experienced editors independently vote for whom to award as having the year’s best products based on its features and innovation, leading-edge technology, design, ergonomics and efficiency, ease-of-use, and price to performance ratio.

About Vanguard
Vanguard is a global leader in manufacturing photo and video accessories. For more than 25 years, Vanguard has provided photographers in over 60 countries from around the world with innovative, high-quality tripods, monopods, ball heads, pan heads, bags, cases, optics and other photography accessories. With ISO 9001, 9002 and 14001-certified facilities and hundreds of design patents, VANGUARD has earned a solid reputation for quality products and services that spans the world. All of the research and design and manufacture activities take place in-house with no subcontracting to external entities during the production process. The fact that Vanguard is 100% integrated along with creating a diverse range of products are what make Vanguard strong and able to stay highly innovative and dedicated to quality.

Technical Image Press Association details: www.tipa.com
Further information is available about Vanguard at: http://www.vanguardworld.com/
Product page links: http://www.vanguardworld.co.uk/index.php/pv/products/detail-1-4-256-961.html; http://www.vanguardworld.co.uk/index.php/pv/products/detail-1-1-245-839.html
YouTube videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1MMRdTvea8; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBDtnBLVgRA; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8A477wbNMMo

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