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Teraki to use ASPIDER-NGI eSIM eConnect to embed data reduction capability


David Traynor
Michel Zwijnenberg



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eSIM Functionals
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eSIM eConnect

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ASPIDER-NGI delivers eSIM eConnect to support Teraki OEM solutions to automotive OEMs & Manufacturers 

The Netherlands, Feb 14, 2017: ASPIDER-NGI, a leading provider of MVNE, IoT, eSIM and content solutions, today announced the supply of eSIM technologies to Berlin based Teraki, an innovative leader in data reduction solutions.

ASPIDER-NGI is providing its new eSIM eConnect product to Teraki allowing them to control the security and deployment of the Teraki data reduction to its customers via the eSIM. Teraki supplies manufacturers and OEMs with a software solution that increases data transmission efficiency by a factor of 10 to 50, whilst also reducing costs of the embedded hardware whose performance is challenged by increasingly higher requirements for processing. Teraki traditionally licenses an SDK to implement its solution. With the addition of eSIM technologies Teraki is also able to provide global, flexible and cost efficient end-to-end data communication to a new set of customers.

“Our manufacturer and automotive OEM clients demand the latest innovation to improve efficiency and functionality in their products,” said Daniel Richart of Teraki. “The eSIM enables us to control which carrier we use and can provide a platform independent solution that helps our clients deploy much faster, and also aligns to their strategic approaches to global connectivity.” He continued: “Based on our core technology we are able to provide data reduction closer to the SoC level while leveraging up to 10 times more data at up to 5 times reduced hardware cost. Alternatively, to leverage factor 50 more data at the same hardware cost. Teraki: More Data with Less Hardware.”

“We are excited to work with Teraki” said Michel Zwijnenberg VP of IoT at ASPIDER-NGI. “Their solution optimizes the data stream to reduce the required data connect capacity – it is almost like delivering 4G connectivity on a 2G modem!”. Jan Mooijman CEO at ASPIDER-NGI added “Innovation is critical to our success and having clients like Teraki helps us build solutions for a broader set of needs and improve our technology lead. The relationship with Teraki is more like a partnership that helps us understand new applications for enterprise and manufacturer sectors.”

ASPIDER-NGI plans to launch eSIM eConnect later this quarter. This product delivers a cloud based end-to-end service for secure hosting of eSIMs, management of provider subscriptions and enables the integration of private apps. ASPIDER-NGI eSIM eConnect provides a modular approach that allows manufacturers and corporates to own and control their SIMs, and manage the connectivity and security for their applications.  

ASPIDER-NGI is an operator independent company providing connectivity allowing you to build and control your own mobile solutions. We build, support and operate innovative MVNO and IoT platforms. We provide the network and expertise you require, and deliver with the flexibility and agility your company needs to disrupt your market. ASPIDER-NGI delivers and supports voice, data, SMS, multi-IMSI and eSIM products to manage and connect billions of connections for IoT, MVNO and Corporate Mobile solutions. Hundreds of clients have been launched around the world, from traditional M2M and MVNO projects, to OTT and IoT OEM solutions for operators and Corporates. For more information, visit www.aspider-ngi.com.

TERAKI GmbH (www.teraki.com) is a Berlin based, innovative leader in data reduction solutions. For the IoT and Automotive industries, the company provides software solutions that reduce the amount of mobile data usage (i.e. 3G/4G) with a factor 10 to 50. The direct business benefits to our customers are threefold. Firstly, significant cost reductions in mobile data consumption. Secondly, it saves on investments in the hardware required in the vehicle, preparing them for significant increases in processing power requirements. Finally, it enables to improve the efficiency of edge analytics processes. The technology is best in class in terms of data reduction. An additional characteristic is the low latency which makes the solution working well with real-time applications. Teraki offers this data reduction software to its customers via two propositions and working at the forefront of eSIM standardization: a licensed model where SDK is delivered to manufacturers and automotive OEMs; and an end-to-end solution that comprises an eSIM and mobile data (3G/4G).

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