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SimCentric's VBS3FIRESFST NATO Accredited in UK Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) simulator

Oxford, UK. SimCentric are excited to announce that the Nautilus International JTAC simulator system using VBS3FIRESFST has been NATO accredited which then supported the UK JTAC Concentration at RAF Honington. Working with Nautilus to deliver a deployable and highly portable system including COBRA screen and VBS3 software, VBS3FIRESFST has been NATO accredited to Type 2 & 3 controls, Day, Night, FMV and Laser. Using Form, Fit and Function emulated JTAC equipment, such as the LF28 LTD, PLRF25, IZLID Ultra and Harris Communications 7800HH radios with 7800T downlink receivers, the system can be fully set up and ready for use within 2 hours. All of the JTAC simulation scenarios and terrain are based on real world locations, both in the UK and overseas. This allows the qualified JTAC to train in a realistic and demanding, simulated environment.

The system is unique in its deployability, accredited status and real-world content. It allows JTAC training to be conducted in almost any location to enable re-qualification, maintenance of JTAC skills and has proven to significantly reduce training overheads.

Adam Easton, CEO SimCentric, believes that the deployability of the system alongside the proven VBS3FIRESFST technology can change the availability and frequency of JTAC training. “We now have a system which is accredited to replace live fire training, has a minimal set-up time from delivery to service and is also integrated with our pattern of life technologies. This provides a unique training environment which delivers complex and real-world urban environments to stretch the JTAC trainee beyond standard systems.”

SimCentric will demonstrate accredited VBS3FiresFST at the Close Air Support Conference in Reading, UK – 16/17 Nov 2016

About SimCentric:
SimCentric Technologies is global software company specializing in advanced simulation. SimC has been working in Military Simulation since 2008. We specialize in the development and delivery of innovative products and systems in Training and Education. We work in both the military and civil sectors providing a combination of COTS and customised solutions.
For more information please visit www.simct.com. For Press or Media enquiries contact tessbutler@ruddynice.com



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