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SimCentric launches Global User Community Forum

On the 28th August 2017 SimCentric Technologies is launching a Global User Community Forum providing a range of supporting tools and resources, an exchange forum to enable file upload and download, and a portal to contact technical support staff directly to ensure that your simulation capability is delivering what you need from it in an agile and responsive manner. To successfully deliver a solution, rather than merely a product, the military and defence industry community must be supported with persistent, agile and tailored resources to enable their investment in simulation technologies.

Fostering a closer working relationship and direct communications with customers, the user community will now be able to utilise multiple valuable resources across the entire SimCentric product range including Fusion, FiresFST, Ambience, TrainingMate and GUIMate:

  • Direct access to the latest product installers including legacy version download links.
  • Comprehensive downloadable Product User Manuals.
  • A reporting portal for feedback and technical issues – going direct to our support team.
  • Discussion space enabling setup, deployment and configuration optimization.
  • Reference to a range of frequently updated FAQ, “hot tips” and short “how to” videos on capabilities and features you may not know are available. Post new questions as required.
  • Updates on forthcoming feature releases.
  • Content Sharing Portal – A hub for SimCentric and the User Community to share product related user content, files, missions, scenarios, Fusion plugins, and user-generated GUIs.
  • “Turnkey” JFO/JTAC Mission Packages including Mission Orders, Instructor Notes, Full Scenario Scripts and supporting Targeting, Fireplan and Reference Point files.
  • A “Build your Network” feature enabling you to reach out to other users worldwide (with their permission). Let us get you connected with other relevant User Community members globally.
  • Discussion space enabling requests for new features and concepts for products.
  • General discussion space for the User Community to engage Peer to Peer as desired.

SimCentric is also seeking to break the current paradigm of formal residential courses that typically result in ongoing training liability and skills atrophy whilst incurring significant ongoing cost. Through the development of a comprehensive library of online Learning Management Packages, we enable individuals to master all SimCentric product features (click here for a preview). Currently under development and scheduled to be completed by November this year, this resource will be included in the forum at no cost to the user community. This will empower instructors, supervisors and practitioners to become rapidly proficient in the use of SimCentric software applications through this persistently available resource.

Access to the User Community Forum is available for all users with a valid SimCentric Product Licence and current support.

Click here to request activation of your login to SimCentric’s User Community Forum https://www.simct.com/contact_us.


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