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Official Online Launch the Third Opus of Wadé, a Fantasy Universe Combining Comic Art and Supernatural Thrillers


Raoul Agency,
Sibylle de Villeneuve,
06 45 29 58 57,



Wadé Collector Graphic Novel Cover
Wadé Collector Graphic Novel Cover
Wadé Official Website
Wadé Official Website
Wadé : The Novel
Wadé : The Novel

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- A new and emerging comic art universe with French flavor and an ambitious multichannel strategy

- An original artistic creation that meets the challenge of free to use content

Paris, February 22 2013: The first volume of the Adventures of Wadé was published on Facebook in September 2011. Since then, the official page (facebook.com/wadecomics) has brought together more than 23,000 fans, including 7,000 in the USA and 5,000 in France. The third opus of his adventures is now available on the wadecomics site (http://www.wadecomics.com) and is being featured in discussions on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

The pitch
Since the dawn of history, man has struggled against the primitive animal that sleeps within. If men with evil intentions set out to awaken the inner beast, with all means necessary to succeed in their plans, what would happen? What if this was not just a turn of phrase? Could this metaphor hide another, more terrible reality?

Wadé’s story skillfully combines the elements of comic book art, the history of the 20th century and the majestic backdrop of Paris that serves as a fully-fledged character.  Simultaneously a player in a fantasy thriller, a prisoner of a tragic destiny and hero of an epic global tragedy, and featuring the classic back stories to conspiracy theories, superhero Wadé takes his readers from colonial Africa during World War I, to modern Paris, and from the ends of the earth to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

A complete digital ecosystem
In parallel with the publication of the comic artwork on the Facebook page, a website and a rich content blog enable readers to discover the characters and their adventures in more depth. Wadé has also found his niche on social networks Twitter and Pinterest where fans can find out everything about his universe – Paris, Cameroon, the Senegalese Infantrymen, and the colonies. The universe of Wadé’s storylines and artwork extends into a complete audio-visual experience thanks to an original soundtrack, Motion Comics and documentaries including trailers and a ‘making of’ video.

The Wadé Universe: expansive and free to access
Wadé is not just another comic book. With more than 5,000 comic strips being published in France each year on the traditional circuit, where only the iconic heroes of DC Comics, Marvel or Dark Horse can dominate the box office with each of their movie adaptions, all supported by enormous marketing budgets, the chances of a new fantasy universe breaking through are slim. These crazy odds nevertheless attracted Wadé’s creator, William Lafarge, founder of the digital communications agency Pueblo, and his co-authors. “Making use of the complete range of today’s technological possibilities enables us to maximize the number of times and places where as many people as possible – other authors, committed fans, enthusiasts and those who are just curious – encounter Wadé, and all without the expensive restrictions of traditional media. So much the better if a wider audience discovers a content rich and expansive universe and shares in the pleasure that Wadé brings. Not everyone will necessarily be a customer, so let’s start by welcoming them as guests, perhaps friends for the future. The business will follow from that.”

Following on from the artwork, a novel in progress
The epic tale will be developed further, over a much longer period than the comics, by a novel that is currently a work in progress.  Written jointly by William Lafarge and the writer and novelist Nicolas Gouzy, the novel will be unveiled gradually over the next few months in a series of extracts that will also be available to read online for free. The first extract will be published from this month, February 2013.

About the creator of the Wadé Universe
Joint founder of the Pueblo Agency and the LOL Project, William Lafarge is a Creative Director with an unusual, multidisciplinary background: an expert in branding, digital marketing strategy, an Art Director and a Graphic Designer.  After creating the Pueblo Agency (which means both ‘a people’ and ‘village’ in Spanish) he was able to define himself as “a creator of shared emotions that begin in enchanting and radically positive two-way projects. We push brands and institutions to entertain, involve, thank and value their customers and the wider public, and always with the best of intentions.”
He created Wadé in December 2009 and began writing his adventures.

About the artist of the graphic novel
Thibault Guével has a dual perspective that links classical culture (art history, classical music and literature) and modern subcultures (a mix of contemporary influences including street art, popular cinema and music as well as the worlds of role playing games and video games).

Education: Studied illustration at the Institut Saint-Luc Tournai (Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree in art) / ESAG Penninghen (Masters in Graphic Arts / Diploma in Art Direction)


Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/wadecomics

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/comicswade/

Youtube: Trailer (version internationale) http://youtu.be/RqoYG-HgrBM
Wadé The legend Begins: http://youtu.be/xC4PIa9S5I8
Wadé Making-of: http://youtu.be/jryDJ6RpwDo

Wadé Novel Preview: http://issuu.com/wadecomics/docs/wade_thenovel_preview?mode=window

PRESS KIT: http://issuu.com/wadecomics/docs/wade_dp_fevrier2013

Press Contact: Raoul Agency, Sibylle de Villeneuve 06 45 29 58 57, sibylle@agenceraoul.com

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