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Lalit Modi

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Modi Speaks Up And Speaks Out

Lalit Modi, the architect and founder of the Indian Premier League (IPL), has said in his first full interview since his suspension as commissioner of the cricket league in April that he has ‘no regrets’ about sending a Twitter message that led to the resignation of an Indian government minister.

That’s just one point made by Mr Modi in a frank filmed interview with former BBC Sports Editor Mihir Bose who tackled the flamboyant entrepreneur on numerous issues, including why he is not living in India, whether his family received favours from their involvement with IPL teams, cricket match fixing and allegations of financial mismanagement at the IPL, as well as the tweet that saw foreign affairs minister Shashi Tharoor step down.

The whole 40 minute interview is available to watch from today (Thursday 25 November, 2010) on YouTube and on the Indian entrepreneur’s new website, http://www.lalitmodi.org/.

Mr Modi said:  “I’ve had so many media requests in the last few months to give my side of the story that I’ve lost count.  I have been eager to speak up.  And to be interviewed by such a respected business and sports commentator like Mihir Bose, place the full version on YouTube and on my website means I can’t be accused of favouring any particular aspect of the media.

“Of course they’ll be some critics to such an approach but quite frankly I’ve had more than my fair share of unsubstantiated criticism of late and some carping from the sidelines isn’t going to disturb me.

“Mihir did his own research, we met in London with his film crew with and no pre-warning from him on the questions he was going to ask, we shot the candid interview.

“The really important thing for me was to speak up after several months of intense speculation and address the matters that have been levelled at me and let the public make their own mind up after seeing the interview.

“At the end of the day I hope that the viewers see my story as the truth.”