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Mexican Gastronomy Honoured With Three Top Restaurant Awards At 2015 Global 50 Best Restaurants Awards


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Growing recognition signals strong influence in the global gastronomy movement and its increasing contributions to the Mexican economy

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM. JUNE, 2015 - From lively markets and street food to rich traditional preparations and flavors and today’s modern gastronomy scene, Mexico has been heralded as a foodie’s paradise. This week, three of today’s most cutting edge restaurants, all in Mexico DF, were lauded for their modernity and creativity at the World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards held June 1st, at the Guildhall in London: Pujol, led by chef Enrique Olvera, Quitonil, by chef Jorge Vallejo, and Biko, by chef Mikel Alonso.

Chef Enrique Olvera saw his edgy Pujol move up four spots from last year to land at the 16th place. His way with taking the traditional and turning it into something new and unexpected take his gastronomy into adventurous territory, but chic as well. He elevates his menu to constantly explore and push the boundaries to expand into new gastronomical territory.

At 35th, we saw chef Jorge Vallejo’s star rise even more with his restaurant Quintonil. The focus is right up our alley: fresh seasonal ingredients, forgotten herbs and grans, and a whole lotta reinvented tradition in the process.

And in the 37th place, Chefs Mikel Alonso, Bruno Oteiza, Gerard Bellver saw their restaurant Biko recognized for their dazzling repertoire combining Basque flavors with Mexico’s fresh ingredients.

Three great choices that brought the house down and made Mexico land in the fourth spot on the global list of most awarded countries, tied with Italy and Peru, and following only the U.S., Spain, and France. The 50 Best Restaurants Academy celebrates restaurants around the world for their culinary prowess based on reviews by their 1,000 experts in international gastronomy.

All celebrations aside, it’s time to hit the streets and start trying new things. It’s what all these chefs did and inspired them to create great dishes. What are you waiting for? Just a curiosity: these three best restaurants are all in the same trendy neighborhood: Polanco District.

That said, see you soon!

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