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Britain’s Largest and Fastest Growing Local Social Network Unites More Than 1.2 Million Neighbours Across UK


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A local street party
A local street party
Community campaigning
Community campaigning

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Streetlife.com helps people use social networking to connect with their local community online and in real life

14 September 2016, London – Streetlife (www.streetlife.com), Britain’s largest and fastest growing local social network, is on a mission to build and rebuild local communities across the country as it reaches record numbers of members. With more than 1.2 million people already using the platform to connect and interact with their neighbours, 85 per cent of members say they feel that the platform has had a positive impact within their local community*; Streetlife is not just about connecting people online it is also about real world meetings. To accelerate its next stage of growth, the leading local social networking platform has also appointed mobile technology guru Limvirak Chea as its new CEO.

Chea explains, “People don’t communicate like they used to and social networks don’t necessarily bring people together physically. Streetlife really is different because it unites neighbours in the real world, not just virtually. Our members visit the site to discuss local news and exchange recommendations. Conversations started online often facilitate face to face meetings, whether that’s through starting a social group, volunteering for a local cause, or sharing skills and belongings with neighbours. Think of Streetlife as the place you go to find out and join in with what’s going on locally – this used to happen via conversations at the local café or corner shop, but times have changed.”

In 2011, a YouGov survey* commissioned by Streetlife found that 51 per cent of people describe the sense of community in their area as weak or non-existent. Streetlife’s goal is to use the power of social networking to change that. Four years on, a 2015 user survey** found that 60 per cent report feeling a greater sense of community spirit since joining Streetlife.

Chea, (ex-Eventbrite and Google) is set to steer the company through its next stage of growth and firmly believes that unlike many other social networks, Streetlife is about real world meetings.

Alongside its offering for residents across the nation, Streetlife provides a highly relevant platform for thousands of local businesses and community groups to connect with a targeted audience of locally-minded individuals; the site also hosts the official voices of councils and police forces.

As new CEO, Chea has been working closely with Streetlife founder Matthew Boyes during his transition to the role and on his strategic plans to prepare the company for international expansion. Boyes remains an integral part of the business, focused on driving product development.

Chea continued, “My biggest challenge in taking the business to the next stage will be to ensure that we retain our start up culture, British roots and ‘home-grown’ ethos, which are central to who we are as a brand. It’s not often that you come across such a large, engaged and collaborative community. The local focus naturally encourages transactional exchanges – we’re a ‘market network’, with people offering goods and skills, sharing recommendations, and local businesses promoting their services and joining the conversation.”
Notes to Editors:
USER DATA STATS AVAILABLE FOR STORIES: We are able to offer a wide range of user data on a variety of topics, which can be broken down demographically and by location. Whether you are looking for stories on lost cats, street parties, what people are talking about in a certain area etc. please get in touch for more details.

*Sources: YouGov, March 2011, commissioned by Streetlife and carried out online. Total sample size 2,226 adults; representative of all UK adults (18+).
**Streetlife User Survey 2015. Total sample size 7,900 adult members from active Streetlife communities across Britain. Survey conducted online.

IMAGES: high resolution images are available on request to accompany the story.

About Streetlife (www.streetlife.com)
Streetlife is a free social network for neighbours, created to help people make the most of where they live and build stronger communities.

Britain’s largest and fastest growing social network, Streetlife is used by over 1.2 million residents, community groups, local authorities and businesses, to share local news, advice and recommendations; exchange belongings and skills with neighbours; discover local events and form real-world friendships.

Members are automatically connected to people and conversations based on their location, creating an open platform for every member of the community to be kept informed of, and to contribute to discussions about, practical local matters.

A privately funded limited company headquartered in London, Streetlife believes that business should be a force for good, and is proud to be a founding member of the B Corporation movement in the UK.

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