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LS telcom offers cost-effective antenna radiation pattern measurements using Remotely Piloted Aircrafts (RPA)


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LS telcom
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The RPA with the measurement payload
The RPA with the measurement payload
Airborne Measurement Results
Airborne Measurement Results

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Lichtenau /Johannesburg, 9th Sept 2013 - LS telcom, a worldwide provider of radio communications solutions, today announced the introduction of its new measurement service which enables broadcast operators and regulatory authorities to determine the on-site performance of antennas without using a manned helicopter.

LS telcom carries out these measurements by means of remotely piloted aircrafts (RPA), which include a measurement and sensor system onboard. The RPA circles the antenna and measures the radiation pattern in the horizontal and vertical planes at predetermined altitudes and distances from the antenna. The solution is offered as a turnkey service; from the preparation and calibration of the remotely piloted aircraft (RPA), to the in-flight antenna performance measurements and the delivery of the results. The deliverables consist of the horizontal (HRP) and vertical radiation patterns (VRP) and effective radiated power (ERP) per transmission service. The performance of the transmission system can thus be accurately quantified from these results. The results may also be used to determine coverage deviations from the antenna design objectives and to confirm that antennas are radiating within the approved regulatory licence parameters.

Using the remotely piloted aircraft is safer than flying a manned helicopter, especially in confined spaces, as the mini-vehicle flies semi-remote controlled and in accordance with a pre-programmed flight path, accurate on all axes. This is why the service can also be used for measurements to be carried out close to the mast, such as for mobile services. Several safety features are embedded in the operational and navigational systems of the RPA system, such as a ‘return to take-off point’ in the unlikely event of remote control failure.

“Network operators and regulatory authorities can now determine the true onsite radiation characteristics of their radio frequency transmission installations in a quick, safe and cost-effective way,” says Dr. Manfred Lebherz, CEO and Member of the Board at LS telcom.

The RPA can also be equipped with HD photographic equipment to provide details for mast inventory, such as antenna type, height, status of paintwork and rust on the mast. This enables desktop assessment of the installation and infrastructure before or after the work of installation and maintenance teams.


About LS telcom
LS telcom’s software, system solutions and services address the efficient use of radio frequency spectrum and the optimal operation of radio communication services.

We are a worldwide market leader in the provision of automated spectrum management systems and their integration with monitoring systems. At the same time, we develop and market software for the design, planning and optimisation of broadcast, PMR, mobile and microwave networks. Strategic consulting, radio engineering services and training on network technologies, standards, and regulations as well as transmitter installations and measurements complete our area of expertise.

Frequency regulatory authorities, ministries, network operators and infrastructure providers, system integrators and military organisations in over 90 countries across all continents rely on our solutions and services.

LS telcom operates worldwide with subsidiaries and affiliates in Canada, China, France, South Africa, UAE and USA, as well as representative offices in Hungary and Oman. With its headquarters in Lichtenau, Baden, Germany, LS telcom is listed on the German stock exchange under ISIN DE 0005754402 since 2001.