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Jeremy Vine shares his "best PR stunt of 2013": Lissted discovers what UK journalists tweet about PR


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Jeremy Vine's "Best PR stunt of 2013"
Jeremy Vine's "Best PR stunt of 2013"
Adam Parker
Adam Parker
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Lissted’s new influencer feature finds the PR-related tweets you might have missed

PR jokes and PR jobs, pet peeves and glowing endorsements: UK journalists have taken to Twitter this month to talk about PR, and there are some big names among them. RealWire used the latest feature of its Twitter-based media relations platform Lissted to line up ten of its favourite tweets.

The full list, which includes tweets from Piers Morgan, Caitlin Moran, Rory Cellan-Jones, Deborah Orr, Stuart Dredge and Emma Kennedy, is available on Storify, or on Slideshare.

The tweets were collected from 1.7m UK media tweets tracked by Lissted over 30 days[1]. The keywords “PR”, “public relations”, “media relations” or “press release” appeared in 4,357 tweets from over 2,000 different UK journalists and bloggers.

These 4,357 tweets were analysed using Lissted’s new Influencer feature, which allows users to search the recent tweets of local, topical journalists, bloggers and outlets for relevant keywords, and turn that data instantly into a personalised dashboard of potential media influencers around a topic. The feature creates a potential go-to list for outbound media relations, and a shortcut to finding and following conversations around your brand, your client, or your industry.

Commenting on the exercise, RealWire CEO Adam Parker said “Finding journalists using Twitter to praise PR professionals, source stories, highlight jobs and even make the odd joke at PR’s expense is interesting, but there is also a much wider issue here: the importance of Twitter to media relations. Journalists and bloggers routinely break, share and discuss stories first on Twitter and keeping up with these conversations is now a vital part of effective communications: every one is an opportunity to manage reputation or get involved in the news agenda.”

“The Lissted platform has been designed to help PR and marketing professionals meet this challenge by filtering out the noise on Twitter and highlighting important conversations as they happen, without investing excessive amounts of time and money.”

[1] Lissted tracked 5.5m tweets across the 23,000+ journalists, bloggers and media outlets on its database during the period 6th January 2013 to 5th February 2013. 1.7m of these tweets came from UK journalists and bloggers. The PR-related tweets analysed excluded tweets by PR bloggers and journalists focused on the PR industry.

About Lissted
Lissted is a ground-breaking web application that seeks to modernise media relations by making it easy for PR, marketing and media professionals to follow and engage with the media on Twitter.

Based on a growing database of more than 23,000 journalists, bloggers, media professionals and outlets on Twitter, Lissted dynamically streams and indexes over 5 million tweets each month, monitoring conversations in real-time for subject, content and even any links that are shared. Every profile has been individually curated by the RealWire team, researching each individual’s interests, geography, outlet and role.

About RealWire
RealWire is an award-winning online press release distribution service with over 10 years of experience, and is first choice for many of the UK’s top digital PR and internet marketing professionals. RealWire’s service can increase your story’s coverage and improve your SEO.

The UK’s leading innovator in press release distribution, RealWire introduced the Social Media News Release in 2007, PR targeting system PRFilter in 2010, and the Twitter-based media relations platform Lissted in 2012.


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