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IDG Connect report shows 22% of male respondents and 8% of female respondents believe the IT gender imbalance is a good thing

New research looks at perceptions of women in IT, what the gender imbalance means for the industry in 2013 and beyond, and whether it is likely to have an impact on innovation.  Does the shortage of women in IT really matter?

The gender imbalance in IT is an extremely divisive issue - this new global survey reveals the full extent of the division:

  • 56% think the IT industry can survive without women whilst 44% believe it can’t

The full findings, based on 400 global IT professionals, show:

The reasons cited for fewer women in IT range from: 

In the “other” answers the male respondents were often very sympathetic to the difficulties of predominately male environments (“Hostile, unappealing and juvenile work environment”). Women tended to place more emphasis on their upbringing and the pressures of child rearing.  
The implications of this gender imbalance are highly debated: 

Kathryn Cave, Editor at IDG Connect said, “The shortage of women in core roles will always attract a lot of attention, but surely the issue here is not about the progression of women as a group but about whether women can have a positive impact on the most important industry of the twenty-first century.”

The full report, “Women in IT: Does the Shortage Matter?” is available here:

IDG Connect has also produced a companion piece on “The IT People Report - Minds Behind the Machines: Skills, Progression and Leadership”:  http://www.idgconnect.com/download/12919/minds-behind-machines-skills-progression-leadership?source=connect

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