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HSBC uses its first PowerVote Mobile Event App for an internal conference


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Maximise Audience Engagement
Maximise Audience Engagement

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Core Facts

Recently, HSBC called on PowerVote services to add engagement during an internal conference of 250 participants. Despite having to manage a large group, Yan Bechet, International Manager, Head of Business Management, Global Trade and Receivable Finance at HSBC, wanted to actively engage every individual participant.

After the event, he realised the added benefits allowed by the App:


"If I compare this to previous meetings, without the iPads solution we would never have gathered as much feedback in one go; and the feedback we gathered was very well received, which allowed us to extract greater benefit for the business. The quality of the feedback was unexpected and we realised that the iPad format had somehow forced people to put more effort into their thinking and into the way they were laying out their thoughts. It raised the whole quality of the event.

We made it compulsory for every speaker to use at least 1 interactive element of the PowerVote solution. It was a very good way for us to ensure that all sessions were going to be interactive and engaging and it was a better way to have control over the quality of the presentations.

The use of the Event App added value both for participants and for organisers:

For participants the added value was all about engagement, the fact that we take their views into account, they feel valued and that they estimate their participation was worthwhile because they were able to contribute to debates and discussions.

For organisers, the real value was to be able at preparation stage to build the meeting with a solution that allows the capturing of ideas and suggestions from a large population. This allows us to better understand what hinders or encourages developments.

Finally, I really think both speakers and participants enjoyed the novelty aspect of the conference; going for a modern dimension was a great idea. This solution boosted people’s thinking, opened up fresh perspectives and put people in ultimate brainstorming mode. "

Boilerplate Statements

Created in 1997, PowerVote offers a combination of technology  and consultancy services, to help organisations create more engaging meetings and events. PowerVote solutions allow you to measure efficacy and to maximise the return on investment of events and conferences. PowerVote, co-managed by Marc Vaillaud and Didier Moulin, is now located in 7 countries in Europe, America and Asia and is used in more than 65 countries. 

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