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Feed-in Tariff: What is it, are you eligible and how to claim

Microgeneration is high on the carbon saving agenda right now, and receiving lots of news coverage.  As the manufacturer of Baxi Ecogen, the only Dual Energy System on the market, Baxi understands how important it is to be able to claim the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) so you can start enjoying the benefits as soon as you have your appliance installed.

What is the Feed-in Tariff?
The Feed-in Tariff or FiT is a fixed payment for the electricity you generate in your home, whether you use it yourself or export it into the national electricity grid. FiT is made up of two parts:

  • Generation tariff – a fixed payment per kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity generated, regardless of whether it is used by you or exported.  For Baxi Ecogen Dual Energy System the generation tariff is 10p per kWh

  • Export tariff – an additional payment for each kWh you export back to the national grid.  For Baxi Ecogen this is 3p per kWh and is index linked.

How to get FiT
Baxi has put together a simple step by step guide to claiming the Feed-in Tariff for the Baxi Ecogen Dual Energy System. It can be found at http://www.baxiecogen.com/

Step 1 
Check the installer is MCS certified.  MCS stands for Microgeneration Certification Scheme. You can find an MCS certified installer on the Baxi website, http://installers.baxi.co.uk/ or visit the MCS website (http://www.microgenerationcertification.org/) to search for an installer in your area.

Step 2 
Check that the product is MCS certified.  Baxi Ecogen Dual Energy System is MCS certified, making it eligible for the Feed-in Tariff.

Step 3
Obtain the MCS certificate from the installer. This certificate verifies the installation of your microgeneration system and confirms its eligibility for the Feed-in Tariff. It needs to be presented to your chosen FiT supplier so that they can complete the registration process. You should receive the certificate from your installer within two weeks of the installation. If you don’t, contact them and request it.

Step 4 
Choose your Feed-in Tariff supplier. Once you’ve got your MCS certificate, you can apply for FiT from your chosen electricity provider. You can either contact your existing provider to discuss the process for claiming FiT or click here (http://www.baxi.co.uk/products/suppliers-who-offer-feed-in-tariff.htm) for details of other providers.

You will need to provide your electricity provider with a copy of the MCS certificate.  You will also need an approved generator meter, which will have been fitted by the installer when your Baxi Ecogen was installed.

Once your electricity provider has processed your application, you will start to receive FiT payments.  These will be paid quarterly in arrears and will appear on your electricity bill, and will also include credit for any electricity you have exported.

What is Baxi Ecogen dual energy system?
Baxi Ecogen dual energy system provides efficient gas central heating and hot water like any other wall hung gas boiler and also generates electricity for use in the home: 

  • does not require planning permission 

  • does not rely on the weather or building orientation 

  • is easy to install as a replacement for your existing boiler

  • can help to reduce your fuel bills and carbon emissions

  • MCS certified so is eligible for the Government’s Feed-in Tariff

  • your electricity supplier will pay you for every kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity generated and an export tariff every kWh of electricity you export back to the grid

Feed-in Tariff Q&As
Q. Who can claim the Feed-in Tariff?
Any homeowner who has a microgeneration system such as the Baxi Ecogen dual energy system installed can claim the FiT. The installer and product must both be MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) certificated in order to claim the FiT. (See below for more information on MCS)

Q. Which low carbon technologies are eligible for the FiT?
All small scale microgeneration technologies such as the Baxi Ecogen dual energy system (micro-CHP), Solar PV, hydro-electric power and wind turbines are eligible for the FiT as long as the output is no more than five megawatts.

Q. Can I claim the Feed-in Tariff now?
Yes, the Feed-in Tariff scheme went live in April 2010.

Q. Can I claim the FiT if my product was installed before April 2010?
In some cases the FiT can be claimed if the product was installed between 15th July 2009 and April 2010.  You can find out more information by visiting the Feed-in Tariff section of the Energy Saving Trust website

Q. What level of Feed-in Tariff will I receive?
The amount of FiT varies dependent on the technology type installed. If you have a Baxi Ecogen dual energy system you will receive 10p/kWh for all the electricity you generate, plus an additional 3p/kWh for any surplus exported back to the grid which you have not used within the home.

Q. Will I have to pay income tax on the FiT I receive?
If you install a microgeneration system, like the Baxi Ecogen dual energy system, within your home you will be exempt from paying tax on income from the Feed-in Tariff.

Q. Is the Feed-in Tariff index-linked?
Yes, the FiT is linked to the Retail Price Index, meaning that it will increase in line with inflation over time.

Q. What is a smart meter?
Smart meters allow you to make intelligent choices about your energy consumption by showing how much energy is being used and how much it is costing, they can help you reduce your energy use and in turn make fuel bill savings.

Q. How long will the FiT be paid for?
The Feed-in Tariff will last for 10 years from installation.  However claiming FiT is limited to the first 30,000 units.

Q. What happens if I move home?
Eligibility for the Feed-in Tariff would remain with the installation and transfer to the new owner of your property.

Q. What is MCS?
MCS stands for 'Microgeneration Certification Scheme', which is an independent scheme that gives certification for microgeneration products of under 50kW heat output (mainly for domestic properties) and provides certification of installers in accordance with a robust set of standards. By applying for MCS certification manufacturers can demonstrate that their microgeneration products, like the Baxi Ecogen dual energy system, are viewed as quality products with environmental benefits. Visit the MCS website for more information.

Q. Does the installer have to be MCS certificated?
In order to claim FiT, the Baxi Ecogen dual energy system must be installed by an MCS certificated installer. You can search for a Baxi Ecogen installer in your area by visiting our Find an Installer page.

Q. Does the product have to be MCS certificated?
The Baxi Ecogen dual energy system is the first micro-CHP boiler to be MCS certificated in the UK, and therefore is eligible for the FiT.

Useful Links
Baxi Ecogen http://www.baxiecogen.com/
MCS website http://www.microgenerationcertification.org/
Energy Saving Trust http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/Generate-your-own-energy/Sell-your-own-energy/Feed-in-Tariff-scheme
Find a Baxi Installer http://www.baxi.co.uk/