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Emoderation rebrands to The Social Element, launches Emotional Resonance Analysis for brands



Tamara Littleton
Tamara Littleton
The Social Element: Crowds Converge
The Social Element: Crowds Converge

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Social media agency Emoderation – which works with some of the biggest brands in the world – has rebranded to become The Social Element, and launched a new ‘Emotional Resonance Analysis’ service, the first under the new brand.

The rebrand from Emoderation to The Social Element reflects the massive growth in providing social media strategic, creative, and engagement services for brands such as KLM, Primark, Toyota and the Oprah Winfrey Network.

“I founded Emoderation in 2002, before Facebook, Twitter or YouTube existed,” says CEO and founder Tamara Littleton. “Our heritage is from those early days of working with branded communities, MMOGs and virtual worlds, and moderation and facilitation of communities was a big focus. Now, it is one element of what we do. Our world has for a number of years been firmly rooted in strategy, creative content, engagement and data and insight for brands’ social media.

“We cover everything from Facebook to Snapchat, consult our clients on the best approaches for them and give them the data and insight they need to make their social media campaigns stand out. We felt it was time our name, look and feel reflected that.”

The new Emotional Resonance Analysis service from The Social Element analyses how a brand connects emotionally with consumers and act on that information to create more meaningful connections. It uses data to analyse how people feel about a brand, examining emotions and intent such as love, passion, rage, joy, irritation or astonishment, and putting them into context. The Social Element’s team of experts provides the essential human analysis to give meaning to the data, turning it into actionable insight for the brand.

“If you understand how people truly feel about your brand that goes beyond traditional sentiment analysis, you can do something to either capitalise on it, or put it right,” says Blaise Grimes-Viort, Chief Services Officer for The Social Element. “You need to start with the data that tells you how people feel. Then you need human interpretation to extract meaningful and actionable insight. And then – most importantly – you need quick-thinking and creative people to act on that insight.”

The Social Element’s 350-strong team includes strategists and consultants, engagement specialists, content creators and designers, and data and insight analysts. The team is based all over the world, to create social media campaigns that deliver for global brands in more than 50 languages, across every continent.

To find out more, visit www.thesocialelement.agency.

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