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Berocca Boost Camp: Who will be chosen?

Many will enter but only four cadets will be chosen to take part in the Berocca Boost Camp. Berocca Boost’s new campaign invites Facebook users to enrol in the Camp to win a trip of a lifetime – a trip for two around the world to the value of €2,500. Four cadets will be chosen.  Each cadet will then take part in Berocca Boost Camp – a day filled with wacky drills that promise to challenge body and mind.
And how is the winner chosen?  Following the Camp, each week videos of the wacky drills will be posted to the Berocca Boost Camp tab on the Berocca Boost Ninja profile. The community will then be invited to vote on their favourite cadet.  The cadet with the most votes wins – easy! Each time a user votes they will be entered into a twice weekly draw for a €50 One4All vouchers.
If you think you are energised enough for Berocca Boost Camp – enrol now. Closing date for entries is the 28 April 2011.
Here’s a quick challenge to get you started - how many Berocca Boost tubes can you spot in our new Berocca Boost Camp video?

Berocca Boost – a little kick when you need it.

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About section:
Berocca Boost is instant fuel for the mind and body. If you are always on the go you may feel the need for a natural energy kick from time to time. Whether you have an important presentation coming up and you are feeling tired or you have a busy social life after work, Berocca Boost will give you a little kick when you need it!

Berocca Boost contains B and C vitamins along with Guaraná, a natural energiser with a fast onset of action. Most importantly, Berocca Boost is clinically proven to improve your speed and accuracy while decreasing tiredness so you can be assured that you will feel the energy boost.


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