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Becrypt launches Paradox Edge to help organisations extend the value of cloud adoption to end user devices

Paradox Edge desktop-as-a-service enables cloud-native communities and specific cloud use cases to deploy a secure, cost-effective, scalable end user device infrastructure in minutes

London – 26th October 2018Becrypt, a trusted provider of endpoint cybersecurity software solutions, today announced the launch of Paradox Edge, a desktop-as-a-service or secure ‘cloud client’ platform that is optimised for accessing cloud services. Paradox Edge is a managed service that enables organisations to extend the value of cloud adoption across the enterprise by reducing the software complexity associated with end user devices. It represents a highly cost-effective and scalable solution to the challenge of giving users - in certain cloud native communities and specific cloud use cases - agile, secure and stable access to cloud-based services and online applications.

As more businesses invest in cloud infrastructure, end user devices become little more than a platform from which to launch a browser. However, the complexity of third-party client applications on those devices – such as anti-virus, IDS and personal firewalls – means that setting up and managing them still represents an unwelcome cost to businesses. The integrated ‘cloud client’ model in the Paradox Edge platform means the need for third party software is eliminated and automated patch management is simplified, thereby reducing complexity, cost and management time.

Users can access all their familiar tools such as Office365, VDI or online apps easily through Paradox Edge, meaning minimal training and end user support is required. New users can be set up in minutes and Paradox Edge is device agnostic, so organisations can repurpose existing devices from desktops and laptops to tablets and thin-clients.

Management is simplified with Paradox Edge. Organisations simply select a preferred cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure, or private), deploy the cloud client devices and then manage users through an intuitive web management console. A range of comprehensive support options are offered by Becrypt and its certified partners, providing end-to-end cloud-to-device expert support.

Paradox Edge is based on Becrypt’s flagship product, Paradox, a security-focused ‘cloud client’ operating system that incorporates a ‘secure by design’ architecture which ensures devices remain in a known healthy state, free of malware. Security and privacy features built into the service architecture allow organisations to stay in full control of applications and data.

Paradox Edge has a wealth of business applications, from agile start-ups who want to deploy an end user device infrastructure quickly, at low cost with the ability to scale, to established enterprise environments who need to roll out secure access to their cloud-based infrastructure to mobile workers or contracted employees to boost productivity. All organisations will benefit from reduced desktop management costs and the peace of mind associated with deploying a robust security-focused operating system, designed in collaboration with the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre.

Bernard Parsons, Co-Founder and CEO at Becrypt, commented: “At Becrypt, we believe that not all the benefits of cloud reside in the cloud. Organisations aiming to realise the cost savings and flexibility offered by the cloud are finding that the burden of provisioning and managing end user devices is a barrier to success. By eliminating the need for third party software on devices, Paradox Edge removes that management pain point, reducing cost of ownership and complexity to provide a more easily managed environment.

“Paradox Edge simplifies ‘cloud client’ computing to provide a secure and efficient operating environment with an exceptionally low cost of ownership – helping organisations to truly realise the full benefits of cloud adoption.”


If you are interested in finding out more about Paradox Edge, please call 0845 838 2080 or visit the website http://www.becrypt.com/

About Becrypt
With a heritage of creating National Cyber Security Centre certified products, Becrypt is a trusted provider of endpoint cybersecurity software solutions. Becrypt helps the most security conscious organisations to protect their customer, employee and intellectual property data. It has an established global client base which includes governments (central and defence), wider public sector, critical national infrastructure organisations and SMEs.

As one of the early pioneers in disk encryption software to today being first to market with a unique desktop operating system, Becrypt continues to bring innovation to endpoint cyber security technology. A recognised cyber security supplier to governments around the world, Becrypt’s software also meets other internationally accredited security standards. Through its extensive domain and technical expertise, Becrypt helps organisations optimise the use of new cyber security technologies and its flagship security solution Paradox delivers a highly secure platform for the modern age.

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