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Award-Winning Designs For A Better Future Featured In 'A Garden Party To Make A Difference'



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Earth Pavilion
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Earth Awards celebrates the power of good design & innovation

14 September 2010: A house which can be made out of the soil it is built on is one of many award-winning installations at HRH The Prince of Wales' Garden Party to Make a Difference' from 8 -19 September 2010.

Cambridge Professor Michael Ramage, Peter Rich Architects and John Ochsendorf's Earth Pavilion is a finalist at The Earth Awards 2010.  It has been specially constructed in the gardens of Lancaster and Marlborough House as part of the Earth Awards' exhibition of innovative products and structures designed to provide accessible solutions to improving quality of life.

Visitors to the Start Festival, which is being held in the gardens of Lancaster House, Marlborough House and Clarence House will be able to see the earth tiles in The Earth Pavillion, which is made from local soil excavated from a construction site in Barking, mixed with a small amount of sand and cement for strength and longevity.  The building is completely bio-degradable and, when used, can be returned to the earth from which it was built.

The Earth Awards finalists will be exhibited alongside two other unique pavilions:  The Commonwealth Pavilion, designed by architect Sergio Palleroni, a member of The Earth Awards Selection Committee, explores the principle that innovative architecture can unite and empower people, inspiring them to take steps to build a positive future;  Pallet House, by architects Suzan Wines and Azin Valy, uses the goods pallet as a simple building block to provide an inexpensive and efficient solution to housing people.

Selected by the world's top creative thinkers, The Earth Awards identifies viable ideas from fashion to architecture and consumer products, and marries them with investors.

This year's finalists include Texan-born Jamie Lim's sustainable Kayu eyewear which comprises a range of sunglasses fashioned from bamboo to fund sight-restoring surgery. Her range will be showcased at the British Fashion Council's Sustainable Fashion Show at Clarence House on Friday 17 September.

On 16 September The Earth Awards' six finalists will go head to head at an ‘Investors to Innovators' Summit taking place at Marlborough House.  There, they will seek to impress an audience of world-leading investors who have the means to bring these incredible concepts to the consumer marketplace. Finalists include designer Jamie Lim

The six finalists are:

  • Sustainable Shells by Michael Ramage, Peter Rich Architects and John Ochsendorf, England – BUILT ENVIRONMENT

  • Polli-Bricks by Arthur Huang, MINIWIZ Sustainable Energy Development Co, Taiwan – PRODUCT

  • Kayu Sunglasses by Jamie Lim, Kayu, USA – FASHION

  • AskNature by The Biomimicry Institute. Represented by Megan Schuknecht, USA –  SYSTEMS

  • Artificial Photosynthetic Foam by David Wendell, University of Cincinnati, USA – FUTURE 

  • The Butterfly Houses by Andreas Grontvedt Gjertsen, TYIN Tengestue, Norway – SOCIAL JUSTICE 

Earth Awards judge Terence Conran comments: "Intelligent design has the power to improve, inspire and shape people's lives. The Earth Awards' celebration of sustainable innovation reinforces how cutting-edge ideas can help to build a better world and also be a commercial success on a global scale."

Nicole Ting Yap, Founder of The Earth Awards, adds: "The Earth Awards is about providing an aspirational platform for consumer-driven ideas, which can challenge designers to build a new economy.  We are thrilled to have been invited to bring these innovative ideas to life by recreating them in the Prince of Wales' garden as part of his Garden Party to Make a Difference."

HRH The Prince of Wales' Garden Party is part of the Start initiative which inspires people to build a better future. For more information go to www.STARTuk.org 

Notes to Editors:   

About The Earth Awards

The Earth Awards is an aspirational platform for consumer-driven ideas that challenge designers and innovators to build a new economy.  It is the only truly global awards dedicated to identifying viable designs which have the potential to improve our quality of life and build a new economy.

The Earth Awards Selection Committee is made up of world-leading entrepreneurs, designers and thinkers, making the awards the very best in class.  They all share the Earth Awards’ belief in building a new economy founded in innovation and design.  Their task is to identify those innovations with the greatest potential and then present them to world industry leaders who have the means to bring them to market.


The Earth Awards 2010 Selection Committee comprises: 

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