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Fast track your way to golden goddess status

Core Facts

IMEDEEN Tan OptimizerTM is suncare in capsule form.  With natural ingredients, scientifically shown to reduce sun sensitivity and redness - it's the fast-track route to golden goddess status this summer. 

Whether you're a sun-lover wanting to maximise your tan - or a shade-seeker looking to increase your skin's natural protection - one capsule of IMEDEEN Tan Optimizer taken daily will:

  • prepare your skin for the sun
  • protect against harmful UV rays
  • prolong a sun-kissed glow  

IMEDEEN Tan Optimizer capsules boost the skin's own tanning and protective mechanism so when you're in the sun, it's quicker and easier to achieve a natural golden glow. 

IMEDEEN Tan Optimizer capsules do not replace the use of sun protection lotions and should be used in conjunction with an SPF suitable for skin type and need.


Two months FREE: Buy 3 packs of IMEDEEN Tan Optimizer (6 months' supply) and pay for 2. This offer is available from our online shop and in the largest Boots stores.


  • "Systemic photo protection should be considered a basic part of any UV defence strategy". Professor Juan Honeyman, University of Chile Medical School.
  • "I always take Imedeen Tan Optimizer capsules before I go away because they really do work. I go a much deeper, golden colour. And not only do they protect skin when used in conjunction with a sunscreen, if you carry on taking them when you get back, they help prolong and enhance your tan for longer. What more could a girl want?" Lucy Mines- UK

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Boilerplate Statements

The IMEDEEN® range of skincare supplements is manufactured by Ferrosan A/S, a leading Danish healthcare company.  The award winning brand is renowned for its philosophy that beautiful skin begins from within and has 4 times been voted the UK's favourite beauty supplement and is the world´s no.1 anti-aging skincare supplement. 

IMEDEEN PROMISE our formulations are:

  • natural-based ingredients
  • allergy-tested
  • clinically and scientifically proven
  • endorsed by dermatologists and skin experts worldwide
  • manufactured under pharmaceutical protocol

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