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Whitevector Releases New Online Discussion Based Data About Websites


Tommi Lehtonen, CEO
Whitevector Ltd
Tel. +358 9 693 3366
Email tommi.lehtonen@whitevector.com




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London, UK - March 18th, 2010 - Measurement data about websites is usually based on visitor numbers. On Thursday March 18th, Whitevector starts to publish online discussion based free data about websites in its Site Metrics service. From the service, launched at Whitevector's website, one can see where consumers pay attention towards particular products and services.

With the help of the service, marketing professionals can quickly see where people talk about their own or their client's category and what the discussions are like. This way mapping out social media becomes easier than before. "Digital medias will occupy a bigger and bigger role in consumer marketing, and marketing planning must take social media into consideration right from the beginning. We will bring content and measurement data to the service from online forums, blogs, Twitter and Facebook's open pages.", says Whitevector's CEO Tommi Lehtonen.

The service will first cover UK, Sweden and Finland and later also in other European markets.

Whitevector has been working together with Dagmar (the Starcom office, and the largest media agency in Finland) for years with clients and developing social media analysis tools. "Site rankings are interesting for advertisers and agencies, when you are looking for sites where opinion influencers of a certain category are. Whitevector's tools help us to manage the broad social online world and allow us to do quick analyses", says Teija Soininen, Head of Planning at Dagmar.

Whitevector's measurement data brings new kind of information about online consumers to marketing planning and together with website visitor numbers it gives an even more accurate picture of digital media. Thus, knowing where consumers actively seek information about products and services provides an excellent starting point to do digital marketing.

Familiarise yourself to the service at http://www.whitevector.com/sitemetrics

Media contact:

Tommi Lehtonen, CEO, Whitevector Ltd, tel. +358 9 693 3366, tommi.lehtonen@whitevector.com


Whitevector is a Finnish social media analytics company that has worked with over 200 clients mostly in the Nordic countries and UK. Whitevector's main product is Chat Reports service that helps companies analyse online discussions in a versatile and comprehensive manner. Chat Reports' easy reporting gives more depth to campaign measurement and brand analysis studies and it offers an extensive information base to consumer research and online planning decision-making.


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