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nio - your new gadget guardian


Fraser Ritchie,
TenBu Technologies
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Rose Ross, Omarketing Limited
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Core Facts

  • British mobile innovator TenBu Technologies has created a gadget that secures mobile phones (and other valuables from netbooks to key rings) by creating a personal burglar alarm system powered by Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • nio consists of a Bluetooth tag with an innovative software link that downloads directly onto the user’s mobile phone, creating a personalised security zone of up to 25 metres.
  • The security zone protects both the mobile phone and the Bluetooth tag, which may be attached to another valuable item, such as a set of keys or a laptop.
  • When the security zone between the mobile phone and tagged item is breached, both emit an audible alarm. A flashing blue light on the tag is also triggered.
  • Named after the Japanese Guardian Kings, nio™ is a handy, convenient way of preventing the loss and/or theft of portable devices such as Blackberrys, laptops and memory sticks.


Ben Hounsell, Director of TenBu Technologies, said it was time for organisations to take a more serious stance on securing the confidential data they have contained on employees’ portable storage and mobile devices. 

“We have a responsibility to be realistic about the risks inherent in transporting data, and to ensure that we take every reasonable precaution to protect ourselves, our customers and our businesses from criminal behaviour,” said Hounsell. “nio™ guards against human error and demonstrates to your staff and customers that you take your security policies seriously.”

“It’s easy to forget just how much confidential data is stored on your mobile phone or laptop, from photos to contacts, and it’s also easy to forget just how easy it is to lose your mobile phone or laptop,” said Ben Hounsell, Director of TenBu Technologies. “nio™ prevents not only the time, cost and stress of replacing the lost item and its data, but also the very real cost of someone’s gaining access to and abusing your personal information.”

Boilerplate Statements

About nio™

nio™ is a Bluetooth security tag that makes data-rich devices such as Blackberrys, laptops and memory sticks almost impossible to lose & hard to steal – a Blackberry burglar alarm.

Attach a nio™ to your keys and activate one of three personalised security zones between your mobile and your tagged keys. An alarm sounds on the tagged keys AND your mobile if either moves beyond this zone. So now if you leave your mobile in a restaurant, meeting or at home, the nio tag on your keys and your mobile will alarm as you walk away. If someone tries to steal your tagged laptop bag in a busy environment such as an airport, both the bag and your mobile will alarm. Accidently drop a tagged data stick as you run to catch a train and your mobile and the tagged data stick will alarm.

2,600 mobile phones are lost or stolen every minute somewhere in the world. Let nio™ guard your valuable belongings and warn you when they are about to go missing. For more information, visit www.bluenio.com.

About TenBu Technologies
TenBu is a privately funded technology company providing unique solutions for mobile devices such as Blackberry® smartphones, Nokia smartphones and PDAs. Our unique technology focuses on providing customers with cost effective, innovative applications that provide:

  • Additional security for mobile devices
  • Enhanced mobility outside the office
  • Well-supported, reliable solutions

Please contact us if you have any questions at  enquiries@tenbu.co.uk



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