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Sony Ericsson announces W995 release

Core Facts

• In conjunction with Sony Ericsson, Gaj-It.com’s Tanya Hall has produced a video guide to using the W995 Walkman™ mobile. Including how to use the new Media Go™ PC application which allows you to sync and download video content from computer to phone simply and effortlessly.

• Sony Ericsson is launching the W995 Walkman™ mobile phone worldwide, during June and July 2009.

• With an 8.1 megapixel camera, 8GB Memory Stick, 2.6” colour display and built-in stereo speakers, the device enables quality mobile video consumption.

Sony Ericsson and top UK technology blogger Tanya Hall have created a video user guide to the new Sony Ericsson W995 Walkman™ phone. The W995 is a powerful video mobile phone providing a complete on-the-move entertainment experience.  The phone will be the first Sony Ericsson handset to feature Media Go™ and Tanya Hall introduces the new application along with the other features of the phone. The user guide will be posted on the brand new Sony Ericsson W995 Walkman™ phone microsite which also includes additional video tutorials, product and lifestyle photography, and a series of vox pop interviews showing public reactions to the new handset.

The assets hosted on the microsite will also be available under creative commons via Sony Ericsson’s corporate YouTube and Picasa presences.

Tanya Hall has been writing about mobile telecommunications for Gaj-It.com since April 2008. Gaj-It.com has a team of nine reporters and covers UK consumer and technology stories.

Key features of the phone include:
• Optimised video playback with style and performance
• Videos straight to your phone – Wi-Fi™ and Turbo 3G – easy access to YouTube™ and other entertainment sites
• 2.6” colour display and 3.5mm audio socket
• 8.1 megapixel camera  with face recognition, Photo Flash and up to 16x digital zoom
• Clear audio experience
• 8GB Memory Stick™ Micro
• Built-in stereo speakers and phone stand

Using the free download Media Go™, it is easy to sync your entertainment files from computer to the W995 Walkman™ phone, automatically converting them to play on the 2.6”, 320 x 240 display screen. Simply drag and drop content directly from PC to phone, and go. Organise files with SensMe™, making it easy to create playlists by mood and tempo.


Alexandre Cardon, Global Marketing Business Manager at Sony Ericsson.
"With Media Go™  there's no need to worry about format, resolution and ‘frame per second' anymore. No longer will the video you transferred from your PC to your phone play in low resolution or bad quality. With Media Go™  and the Sony Ericsson W995 Walkman™, the experience is as good on your phone as it was on your PC.”

"The W995 Walkman phone brings together the very best music experiences of any phone, and combines this with best quality video and sharing capabilities - offering the most complete communication entertainment package to date. This powerful mobile phone delivers the best possible video resolution that can fit in your pocket, with enough battery stamina to watch two full length feature films. The W995 Walkman™ also comes complete with the award winning Clear audio experience and an 8.1 megapixel camera for the highest quality picture and sound available in a mobile phone." 

“The Walkman™  player and video playback at 30 frames per second  will make all of your movies look great – the W995 Walkman™  phone really is video-entertainment ready, and is waiting to keep you busy when on the bus, lunch break or waiting for a train.

Timo Maassmann, Marketing Business Manager at Sony Ericsson.
“With Media Go™  it’s so easy to bring your media with you,” continues Timo. “You can effortlessly transfer entertainment onto your phone and whether it’s a movie, news podcast, favourite song or photo, thanks to the superior transferring capability of Media Go™, you will have great quality, high resolution video every time.”


Editor’s notes
W995 Walkman™ is a trademark of Sony Ericsson

Media Go™ is a trademark of Sony Ericsson

SensMe™ is a trademark of Sony Ericsson

Memory Stick™ is a trademark of Sony

Walkman™ is a trademark of Sony

YouTube™ is a trademark of YouTube