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Palringo launches its multi-service IM application on Android Market


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Palringo for Android
Palringo for Android
Picture messaging
Picture messaging
Location sharing
Location sharing

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Core Facts

  • Popular mobile instant messaging application Palringo is now available on the Android Market.  Using Palringo, Android users can chat to their friends on Google Talk, MSN, Facebook, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, iChat, QQ and other popular messaging services and social networks.
  • Palringo also enables Android owners to send photo messages to their friends in just two clicks [see video].
  • Android users can share their location with friends on Palringo: buddies can see each others’ location and proximity (distance away) alongside their status in the Palringo contact list.  Users may also view a map showing the whereabouts of all of their contacts who have chosen to share their location.
  • Using Palringo’s Group capability, people can chat with all of their friends at the same time.  Groups also offer the opportunity to meet new people who share similar interests.
  • The Palringo application is designed specifically for mobile.  This means that it takes account of limitations such as smaller screen size, and is considerate of battery life issues.
  • Palringo for Android runs in the background on the phone and notifies the owner when they receive new messages from their buddies.  This means they need never miss a chat message.
  • Palringo for Android is built by the same, experienced team that has already made Palringo popular on the iPhone, Windows Mobile, Java, Symbian, as well as Mac, PC and Linux desktop environments.
  • Palringo for Android will be available as a free download through the T-Mobile G1 phone via the Android Market.


Martin Rosinski, Palringo’s CTO, said:
  • “Android is a 21st century platform and it deserves a 21st century messaging application that’s not confined just to text messaging.  Palringo is that application.”
  • “If you’re on a bus or in a library, then by all means stick with typing.  But if you want them to see something, then it’s one click to take the picture and one to send it - and they're receiving the photo already.”
  • “By integrating the messaging capabilities of popular IM applications and social networks into a single application, Palringo has created a messaging community that runs to hundreds and hundreds of millions of users.”
  • “We’ve brought all our experience to bear on Android in order to make it available to people as soon as possible.  We’re delighted to be the first to all users to connect to all of their friends no matter what IM or social network they use, as we were for the iPhone last year.”

Boilerplate Statements

Palringo makes instant messaging work on mobile.
The service combines walkie-talkie style voice (vocal instant messaging), the real-time text chat functionality of instant messaging and the ability to share pictures, all within the context of a discussion. The service supports both one-on-one and group discussions, and enables real-time dialogue that can incorporate users from across the globe, on any mobile network or connected PC. Palringo supports connections to other popular instant messaging services.