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BulbThings defines next-generation of asset management software

Companies of all sizes to benefit from smart software that controls everything from phones to vehicles to plant equipment.
London, UK – 23 April 2015 – Bulb Software Ltd, the leading developer of smart asset management software has announced the launch of its BulbThings suite. This Cloud-based management solution is designed to help companies manage their assets ranging from handheld devices and vehicles to diverse equipment used by its customers.
This will ensure the assets are optimally available for staff to operate, it controls their costs, and it achieves efficiency gains through automation of operational and administrative tasks required to manage them
The advanced package will provide a fully integrated lifecycle management and connected things solution.
BulbThings is an innovative software suite, which has been in development for over a year and its special features take advantage of web app technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT). Pricing starts from as little as $2 per asset.
BulbThings features the following smart features:
  • Single tool to manage all sorts of assets: BulbThings allows customers to understand not only the global cost but how much an individual staff member costs using their assets and it incentivizes them to operate more economically.
  • Simultaneous tracking and management of assets:  customers can follow orders, contracts, events, and exits or returns of all assets. Bundled with the device-tracking option is real-time location and usage data.
  • Collaborative solution: this next-generation web app (built on html 5) provides notifications and alerts to asset managers, users and suppliers, meaning a customer can work more efficiently and in real-time.
  • Integrated strategic analysis: analyses data from multiple source (e.g. connected assets, suppliers’ invoices, user app) and provides managers with the insight needed to optimise asset usage and cut costs.
“BulbThings allows the management and best usage of vehicles, mobile devices, equipment and more,” commented Leslie Depond, Bulb Software Chief Customer Officer. “We know from talking to our customers that the BulbThings approach of allowing management of all of a user’s assets in one place, makes it much easier to control everything while keeping down costs. Whether your business is big or small, BulbThings will connect your assets via a single, Cloud-based solution. And as more things get connected in the enterprise, our solution will allow the tracking and management of them all.”
Bulb Software will be attending the following events in 2015 to promote the launch of BulbThings:
Tech Crunch Disrupt, New York City, May 4 - 6
Fleet Show, Silverstone, Northants, UK, May 12
Connected Conference, Paris , France, May 28
Enterprise Apps, Olympia Grand, London, June 24 - 25
For more information please contact:
Leslie Depond CCO, Bulb Software Ltd, Greenwich Digital Innovation Centre, 6 Mitre Passage, Greenwich Peninsula, London SE10 0ER UK
For more information about BulbThings product features and fees visit http://bulbthings.com (designed by Dare West http://darewest.com)
Email: hello@bulbthings.com  Twitter: @BulbThings Tel: +44 (0)800 020 9656
About Bulb Software
Bulb Software Ltd., headquartered in London, UK, consists of a dedicated team of technology and business professionals, which together have more than 50 years’ digital and industry experience focused on managing assets. It all started when founder Yann Depond realised there was a growing need for companies to simplify their asset management with a versatile solution that could manage any type of asset. Using the latest web technologies and the emerging IoT technologies, Bulb Software has created the next-generation solution to maximise both efficiency and cost savings.

The Pitch, a Deloitte event made successful thanks to PowerVote

core facts
At the beginning of the year, Audit and Consulting firm Deloitte organised an event called The Pitch with Deloitte speakers and external guests. The principle was to invite 7 start-ups to pitch in front of 150 people.
Vincent Guesdon, Deputy Innovation Director at Deloitte shares his experience with the App.

Jadu launches 'Universe Continuum CMS' - delivers customers over £1.2m in savings each year

core facts
  • Coventry City Council, a Jadu Universe Continuum CMS user, has backed the moved to Continuous Delivery along with the DCLG (UK Government Department for Communities and Local Government)
  • Coventry City Council is reducing the cost of updating its website software by up to 70% ahead of the launch of its new customer portal which is set to drive more residents online over the coming year.
  • No more huge upgrades or upgrade costs to enterprise software
  • Saves over £1.2m in costs each year across Jadu customers in the UK Public Sector alone
  • Removes the engineering time and project management required to perform large system upgrades saving time and cost
  • Customers get new features as they are implemented, every 2 weeks, rather than waiting years between releases
  • The software is modernised and iterated much faster
  • Security updates are released as they become available, essential in today's cyber crime climate
  • Quality, stability and reliability are significantly increased
  • If all enterprise software firms did the same, the savings to the Public Sector would be profound

ENTERTECH SYSTEMS and Reliable Security Products Ltd. Bring Suprema Biometrics to Ireland

Birmingham, UK and Dublin, Ireland - 12 March, 2015 -- ENTERTECH SYSTEMS, the official operating partner for Suprema Inc. in Ireland, the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, has announced that Reliable Security Products Ltd., a leading Irish security products distributor, is now providing Suprema biometrics and ENTERTECH’s BioConnect application for access control in the Irish market. Reliable Security Products Ltd. serves everything from residential markets to large industrial projects through a local network of systems integrators.  
“We are delighted to partner with ENTERTECH SYSTEMS to bring a reliable biometric platform to the Irish market," says Paul Moorehead, Managing Director of Reliable Security Products Ltd. "Suprema biometrics and ENTERTECH’S BioConnect application are robust, forward-thinking technologies.” 
The Suprema line of biometric devices, which includes fingerprint detection, card and PIN readers, is now available in the Irish market through Reliable Security Products Ltd. Applicable Suprema readers include:
  • FaceStation
  • BioStation T2
  • BioStation
  • BioEntry Plus
  • BioEntry W
  • BioLite Net
  • Xpass
ENTERTECH SYSTEMS’ BioConnect 3.0 is the most advanced identity management platform on the market today. The newly released solution is simple, secure and scalable, providing Suprema biometric authentication across leading access control systems. As an application for security professionals, BioConnect helps enterprises successfully deploy identity solutions by reducing costs, overcoming complexity and making it easier to on-board users.
“We are pleased to be working with such an established distributor to offer next-generation biometric access control to the growing Irish market," says Rob Douglas, CEO of ENTERTECH SYSTEMS. “Reliable Security Products Ltd. sets the bar high with rigorous product testing that ensures optimal performance in their local climate. We look forward to working with their dedicated, customer-focused team to provide a level of service that's second to none."
Reliable Security Products Ltd.
Reliable Security Products Ltd. is one of Ireland's leading distributors of quality CCTV, access control, intruder alarm, fire alarm, intercom, gate automation and call systems products. Established in 1993, the company has over 21 years of experience in security products distribution. They have built a solid reputation for quality of service and have a loyal customer base throughout Ireland. For more information, visit www.rspl.ie.
About ENTERTECH SYSTEMS partnered with Suprema
ENTERTECH SYSTEMS provides market-leading intelligent identity management solutions to systems integrators in key markets, including critical infrastructure, enterprise, education, healthcare, public sector, financial services, retail, luxury high-rise condominiums and more. Our biometrics for IP access control systems and workforce management solutions are purpose-built to overcome the three main obstacles to mainstream adoption: cost, complexity and on-boarding users. And the company’s highly responsive, results-driven technical services team works with our certified partner network to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
ENTERTECH SYSTEMS is Suprema’s official operating partner in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. The company offers Suprema’s family of #1-rated biometric devices (finger, face, card and PIN), next generation IP access control system, biometric algorithm and SDK, and software products. The company’s industry-first BioConnect advanced template management and mobile applications enable Suprema’s biometric readers to be easily integrated with leading global access control systems. For more information, visit www.entertechsystems.co.uk.
Any product names, logos, brands, and other trademarks featured or referred to above are the property of their respective trademark holders.
For further details please contact:
Andreea Buchila
Sales & Marketing Manager
Reliable Security Products Ltd.
Phone: 00 353 1 8372445
Email: info@rspl.ie
Steve Greb
Managing Director for UK and Ireland
Phone: 020 3743 9123
Email: info@entertechsystems.co.uk

Trim is Vodafone Ireland’s 500th 4G town

Trim, Co Meath, 26 February 2015:  Trim is named Vodafone Ireland’s 500th 4G town as it celebrates Vodafone’s superfast 4G speeds now reaching 90% of the population.
Throughout Ireland, customers in 4G areas like Trim can experience ten times faster speeds[1] on their phones to watch videos with no buffering, instant photo uploads and seamless music streaming, while business customers can experience even more benefits downloading large emails and sending files quicker than ever before. Vodafone 4G is available on the majority of new and existing plans across the Red bill pay and Data Extra pre pay packages. 
Vodafone CEO Anne O’Leary speaking at a reception in Trim attended by local business owners, community, and public representatives said: “Previously where you lived determined your access to high quality networks but we’re changing this.  We want to provide a service that anyone can use, creating massive potential to access the ever-growing number of digital services being developed for education, entertainment and business.  We’ve seen our customers’ appetite for data grow dramatically with six times the amount of data consumed this year compared to last year.  Our customers are, more than ever before, sharing pictures on Instagram, listening to music on Spotify and enjoying videos on popular apps like Netflix and YouTube.”
Vodafone Technology Director Madalina Suceveanu added, “We take our commitment to providing the best network in the country to our customers really seriously.  We are investing significantly in Ireland and today is evidence of this as we have accelerated our 4G roll-out across the country.  Urban and Rural, 4G is now available in six cities and 500 towns and villages.  In a three year period 4G will achieve the same level of coverage that it took 3G twelve years to achieve, giving customers the widest coverage of any network and connecting them like never before.“
Vodafone’s continuous aim is to provide stand-out technology which supports specific consumer needs; from High Definition Voice calls to the fastest mobile data speeds. In tandem with its 4G roll-out, Vodafone is modernising its existing network, providing customers with improved voice call quality and data services to all areas with existing voice services.  Over 97% of the population can now avail of crystal clear conversation through High Definition Voice coverage, a service which is only available on Vodafone.
The company’s expansion of its 4G service along with the improvements to its existing 3G network will conclude on schedule this autumn. 4G is available free of charge to Vodafone customers on the new pre pay Data Extra plan with 5GB of data and across select worry free Red and Red Extra packages.
For further information on network upgrade and location coverage maps please see www.vodafone.ie/network/4g.
[1] 4G is ten times faster than standard 3G, speeds of up to 75Mbps.